The latest regarding Shad Gaspard disappearance
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 05/18/2020 at 08:32 PM

Regarding Shad Gaspard and his son being caught in a strong rip current at a Southern California beach on Sunday, a rescue team searched for Gaspard on Sunday night and Monday but could not locate him. The belief is that the chances of Gaspard being found alive aren't looking good at this point. On Sunday night, an alleged eyewitness wrote the following about the incident on Reddit:

"I was there. I was body surfing and started to come in as I noticed a lifeguard presence congregating on the shore and I saw someone heading out. As I came in, which took forever as the tides were incredible strong I noticed the kid fighting against the waves and the life guard headed towards him.

When I got to shore, 2 surfers were pointing and screaming, a scream Iíll never forget and I realized thereís another person drowning. I could see him bobbing next to the surfers so I pointed and directed a guard towards the surfers outside the break.

The guard went in, the surfers continued to wave and eventually more and more search people came out. Once I saw people in snorkels, which was probably about 10 minutes in, it was obvious he wasnít probably going to turn up alive.

Cops showed up, eventually helicopters. I talked with the surfers and they said an adult went under.

I felt awful, I was wondering if I should have helped the kid to shore so the guard could have focused on the father but I didnít want to intervene and now the kids father is dead. Iím gonna let it rest at I was powerless and I didnít want to add to the mess. The waves were really nasty, Iíve body surfed my whole life in San Diego and today I was being cautious, I was worried when I saw whole families out.

I needed to see this posting because Iíve felt weird all night and bad because I technically could have turned around, swam past the breaks and maybe saved a life, or drowned myself. I dunno itís sad. I left after 40 minutes of helicopters flying low over the water assisting the search.

I saw the mom hear her husband not turn up and saw her run down the beach looking for him, and I saw a kid sitting on a shoreline with a look he knew that they were past the point of finding his friends dad alive. It was harrowing to see the reality unfold in a family a loved one didnít return from the ocean.

I go to the beach one f***ing day and this happens."

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