Shane Helms talks about his time as a WWE Producer
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Former WWE Producer Shane "Hurricane" Helms did an interview with Chris Jericho and here are the highlights courtesy of

Shane Helms on his experience as a WWE producer: ďOverall, it was overall mainly positive. You know, thereís gonna be little things. Iím not very corporate. That was my struggle. And sometimes I donít when to shut up. If Iím right, Iím right. If I know my heart I want to continue this s*** until you admit that Iím right. And thatís always been me, but I think thatís a part of what led to the success that I had. I wasnít a pushover. So I had a little bit of corporate struggles, but other than that, I really super-enjoyed, I liked being an agent. I liked being in the creative process. Iím always giving people ideas constantly. I still talk to people in different companies, like, ĎHey. I want you to try this,í because they got a lot of people that just reach out to me. I love that process [of producing], and I love seeing people try s*** that they didnít think was going to work. And then it does, because thatís when you learn. You know, hatís when you really some s*** like ó So much that like, we were blessed to get to work with some of the greats. And thatís really how you learn.Ē

On who helped him learn to be a producer/agent: ďLike Pat Patterson was such a great, influential agent for me. Personally, I didnít see a lot of Patís work coming up. I didnít get to see the WWF or any of the ó I guess he was more out of California and that sort of thing. I never got to see any of that. I was only NWA when I was a kid Ö But yeah, overall, I really loved the process. I really like being a producer, and I want to be involved in pro wrestling until I have nothing to offer. I still think I do, so thatís the goal to figure out how to say involved.Ē

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