Why RAW was taped before Wrestlemania; Flair praises Orton
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 04/07/2020 at 05:17 PM

- Bryan Alvarez of discussed the reason why RAW matches were taped before the Wrestlemania 36 tapings. Here is what Alvarez said courtesy of

“It appears the reason that happened was the WrestleMania set was very, very different from the RAW set. I think they were in a big rush to get this taping done before they got shut down so they figured that they didn’t have time to tape the WrestleMania, tear the set down, put the set back up, tear it down and build it all back in time. Just use everything on the same set and then move on to the next show.”

- In an interview with, Ric Flair gave some high praise to Randy Orton:

“Nobody is higher on Randy Orton than I am. I think, right now, he is doing some of the best work he has ever done and I think Edge is too. Randy has done and accomplished so much and he’s been there a long time – people don’t realize this. But every time he says something, it’s the truth. And his level of ability right now and his health are both great. He’s at the top of his game, which, in my opinion, makes him the number one guy. The thing about Randy is, he’s so good that I think just because he’s been there for so long you think ‘gosh, can he get any better?’ and he just continues [to get better] if given the opportunity to shine. But I hope he retires soon so I can get my third ring [laughs]. But he’s a great talent, really, really good and an important part of WWE’s TV.”

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