Wrestling legend addresses Tessa Blanchard accusations
Submitted by Aaron Rift on 01/13/2020 at 07:53 PM

During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, Impact Wrestling's Tommy Dreamer discussed the Tessa Blanchard accusations. Here is what Dreamer said courtesy of

"I texted Tessa, she didn't get back to me. I went and spoke to her at the show. She was not in a good place mentally because it becomes almost like gang warfare where everyone jumps on the hot topic," he said. "I would state that I have a great relationship with her. I also have a great relationship with a lot of the other women that were talking about her. I was not there. I do know that there was a very physical confrontation between her and this other wrestler that led to a physical brawl. Sometimes, in the heat of battle, you say things that you will regret. Or, if you're in a physical fight, you may not have a regret with that person. I know that Tessa used to date a famous wrestler who's in WWE that is African American [Ricochet]. I know Tessa is currently engaged to Daga, who is Mexican. I do not feel that Tessa is racist. I could 99.9% say that Tessa has never shown -- when I first met Tessa, a lot of people said, 'Watch this girl' and told me some things about her. I formulate my opinion for how somebody treats me. I also understand that people treat me differently because I'm Tommy Dreamer or I'm helping out behind the scenes. I remember one time, she comes up and says, 'I don't think you like me.' I said, 'I don't even know you. Let me get to know you.' She said, 'Fair enough.' That was it."

"I think Tessa will eventually address it. I don't know about the bullying thing. Yes, the whole supporting of other people, I think it comes with maturity. Tessa has done nothing wrong in her time with IMPACT Wrestling that I have seen. She will probably address it. I don't know the situation. But when I say it's gang mentality, I was in an arena full of wrestling fans chanting her name. I was in a locker room with every wrestler in the back supporting her. And turn a negative into a positive, just because not everybody has all the facts."

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