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State of Pro Wrestling

March 1, 1999

By Kevin Nash

Over the past week, the onslaught of negative mainstream press shows me that the evil stepchild of the entertainment industry, pro wrestling, has gotten just a bit too popular for the general population. Anytime wrestling, or anything for that matter, gets hot, it seems the American public tries to take shots at it. That leads me to the USA TODAY cover story last Friday, February 26, and the coverage last week on Inside Edition.

It seems some mother says we are a bad role-model because violence was the way that we seem alleviate or resolve problems. Well, I donít know where sheís from, but, I guess it must be some all-white area in Connecticut where kids are still fighting things out. Where I grew up, kids shoot each other in the school systems now. I wish for the simpler times when people decided to resolve problems with fists instead of guns. But what do I know ... Iím only a pro wrestler.

Then thereís Ricky Morton, who was in the business for 20 years, on top for 10 of them, yet now doesnít have a dime to his name ... and he decides heís gonna tell about what happened in wrestling?! The guy hasnít been in the business for the last 10 years. Anything he did was back in the Ď80s, so I guess thatís what those guys did back then. I guess thatís why they donít have any money! But the guys in the business today have mutual funds, retirement plans. We donít put every dime we make up our nose or down our throat. But then again, what do I know ... Iím only a pro wrestler.

Another one of the "critically-acclaimed experts" from the Inside Edition piece was some job-guy whoís never been in a locker room, never been close enough to any of the top guys to know what really goes on. This, of course, is Dave Meltzer, who writes a dirt-sheet, making a living off what people tell him because, as I said, heís not around us, not in the locker room. But then again, what do I know ... Iím only a pro wrestler.

Why donít these places like Inside Edition ask people like me what the pro wrestling world is all about. I canít wait to get home to my family; I count the days until I return home. I havenít flunked a drug-test in 10 years. Hey, there are more of us than of the other guys. If you walk into the office of any Wall Street firm, Iím sure there will be people on cocaine and other illegal drugs working there. Hey, if 10 percent of the population uses drugs, then 10 percent of the population uses drugs in all walks of life, across the board; it isnít just in pro wrestling. One of the best lines in wrestling Iíve heard in some time was from Mick Foley. It was something like, "Iíd like to have a drink of liquor, but I donít want to become an airline pilot." Címon folks, look around you ó society is crumbling. Pro wrestling sure as hell isnít the root of all this. Instead of pointing the figure at pro wrestling, maybe those parents who are working 20-hour days to go buy that E-Class 420 that theyíve been chasing for years, maybe they should chase down their kids to see what theyíre doing. But then again, what do I know ... Iím only a pro wrestler.

WCW Monday Nitro airs from 8-11 p.m. ET, while the WWFís Raw airs from 9-11 p.m. ET. Well, I can look at NYPD and other shows during that same time-frame and they have naked people on their shows. Itís not just us; itís not just pro wrestling ... itís society; itís all across the board! Does that make it right? No. But donít single us out just because all of a sudden weíre popular again. But then again, what do I know ... Iím only a pro wrestler.

Does the WWF take it too far? Yeah, sure they do. But donít lump WCW in with them. Our guidelines are so much more stringent. We donít have any sex acts. People may assume some things, but if you knew where we were going in our story-lines, youíre either old enough or awfully mature to get it laid out in black and white. But then again, what do I know ... Iím only a pro wrestler.

If the worst thing your kid does all week is point to his crotch and say, "Suck It," and he doesnít do drugs and he stays in school, well, then I think youíve raised a pretty good kid. But then again, what do I know ... Iím only a pro wrestler.

Inside Edition aired footage off a hidden-camera of one of the guys pulling off the shirt of a ring announcer ... OH MY GOD, WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO! Gee, that must be a felony in all 50 States and Puerto Rico, too. And then they show a grown-man taking beers up to his room ... OH MY GOD, WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO! Oh wait, alcohol is legal for people over the age of 21. But then again, what do I know ... Iím only a pro wrestler.

Pro wrestling is entertainment. I think Vince McMahon said it best with the WWFís Super Bowl commercial. Their whole message was, pro wrestling is a joke. Wrestlingís a joke! Get it? Get it? Get it? Hey, everything we do is a joke. Itís like Vaudeville. Címon people, give me a break ... itís just pro wrestling. But then again, what do I know ... Iím only a pro wrestler.

Then youíve got the kids in their backyards with their Extreme Wrestling Federations. Whatís the difference between that and, when I was a kid, weíd watch a football game on Sunday then go out in the backyard and tackle each other? Whatís the difference? People are going to emulate things that they find fascinating. Is the life of pro wrestling fascinating to most of these kids? Iím sure it is. But theyíre not pro wrestlers. They donít know the drudgery of what we do day in, day out. They donít know what itís like to be on the road 10 days in a row, to get thrown around 10 days in a row. Yeah, it make look glamorous to a 13-year-old kid, but to a 39-year-old man, itís like going to a coal-mine every day ... the only difference is, I donít get black-lung; I just get a couple more degenerative disc problems. But then again, what do I know ... Iím only a pro wrestler.

If people would take care of their kids, maybe they wouldnít be looking so hard at us to be their kidsí role-models. These people realize now, after their kids have been watching pro wrestling for two years, that they are being influenced by the sport? The only reason the parents donít realize the kids are being influenced is because theyíre bouncing off walls, drinking a couple of high-balls trying to make it through the day. Whatís happened to the socialization process? Whereís the church? Whereís the family? Pro wrestling definitely is NOT whatís bringing this country down. My God, we have a President who has sex with an intern ... and thatís OK?! Look around you, people, our society is decaying. It certainly ainít because of a bunch of fake wrestlers, with shows airing on a couple of cable networks to give viewers an outlet to release and laugh. But then again, what do I know ... Iím only a pro wrestler.

Peace, out, Kevin.

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