Leaked audio of Michael Cole talking to Vince McMahon
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Thanks to CorysMusicVideos for the following details from 2014:

"WWE Smackdown, set to air Friday May 23 2014, was filmed on Tuesday-that's no surprise. But for the first time, a pre-production broadcast of the show-with unedited crowd noise, missed cues and all-has made its way online. It is, like the Raw script that leaked last month, a genuinely fascinating look at how the spectacular behemoth that is televised pro wrestling comes to be.

Michael Cole asks McMahon about some talking point, 'Do you want me to say that every time, because I've said it a sh*tload of times tonight.' We don't hear Vince's reply, but we do hear Cole's cowed reaction: 'OK...yes sir...yes sir...OK, I've got it sir.'"

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