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Posted by Steve Carrier on 05/14/2014 at 07:31 PM

David Cogan, who attending Wednesday night's WWE event in Scotland, sent in the following report regarding the steel cage main event between Roman Reigns and Randy Orton:

"At the Glasgow live show tonight, during the main event of Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton in a steel cage, Reigns went for a spear on Orton, who looked like he was meant to counter with his power slam. Both kind of messed up and smacked into each other. Both seemed to be busted open with the ref making the X sign to the back. Reigns looked pretty out of it at the end, not sure if he was concussed or not but he looked in a bad way."

Hugh McStay also sent the following report:

"In the main event, Roman Reigns looked liked he got banged up in a botched spot in his cage match with Randy Orton. Reigns was charging from the corner to spear Orton, who looked to turn it into his turning bodyslam. There was some misunderstanding and it looked as though they clashed heads, leaving Reigns pretty bloody. They finished the match (an awesome final five minutes), but Reigns looked pretty out of it."

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