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Posted by Steve Carrier on 07/08/2013 at 12:23 PM

D'Lo Brown was recently a guest on TWS Total Talk. Here are some highlights from the interview.

On bringing back a chest protector in 2013: †DíLo: You know the beautiful thing about wrestling is you never say ďneverĒ. So you donít know what will come round the corner, I may have to bring it back out, but letís just keep that between you and me bro.

Why it took so long to get involved in an active storyline, why the self-imposed retirement:†When I retired I was going to be one of those guys that you know, Iím going to retire that was going to be it. Then I was very content with my role backstage doing my agenting (sic) thing and I was asked several times earlier before Aces & 8ís to do something to get involved and Iíd always turn it down.

Is this the last on D'Lo Brown on TV: †Once again you never say ďneverĒ, you just gotta keep watching.

On TNA cutting back on the numbers on PPV events:†I thought it was great move, I thought that PPVs particularly one a month, fully never give you enough to chance to build a story. So youíre hot-shotting (sic) angles in 3 weeks just to get it in there, whereas now you can let it go and build, let people really sink their teeth into what they are watching.

So there is a really big payoff at the PPV, as opposed to every 3 weeks letís do something, get a great review, the next week letís start something new. It became too quick a turnaround, I thought it was a brilliant idea to back it off to the big 4 PPVs and allow everything to grow.

On TNA going on the road: †I love the Impact Zone and it was really good to us, but the minute we stepped out and took Impact on the road it was just like flipping a light switch you know and the electricity just flowed.

Thereís this great relationship between crowd interaction and talent, we feed off that and they feed off us and it makes for great TV.†Iíll go back and watch the show and Iíll go ďwow, that looks so incredible and feels so great!Ē so that step out was a big risk, but I think it was the next evolution for us.†Stepping out and taking Impact on the road, is just going to pay dividends down the road for a long, long time to come.

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