Wrestle Review: Entertainment in an Uncertain World
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 03/14/2020 at 12:16 PM

Smackdown was very different last night. Raw will be very different Monday. You do what you gotta do to keep people safe in these times. All sports are cancelled or on pause: no NCAA basketball tournament, no PGA, no MLB, no NHL, late night name it, it's probably called off. I'm 40 so the only thing even remotely close to this in my lifetime was 9-11. But you turn to wrestling websites and other sites to get away from the scariness of the outside world. So, let's get to it, shall we?

I watched Monday Night Raw as I usually do: on the Hopper the next day. What really stuck out to me, though, was AEW and Smackdown: especially Smackdown. That was probably the first time I've ever seen a Smackdown from the Performance Center with no audience. In fact, I know it's the first time. I must say that Triple H on commentary was comedy gold! The way he ripped on Michael Cole and Cole played along...we all needed to laugh a little. We still do.

AEW has cancelled their upcoming Blood & Guts event. Right call, obviously. We don't need any mass gatherings of any sort right now. So what do we as fans do? Stay in. Take care of yourself. I'm taking the Orange Cassidy approach whenever I do have to go outside ie hands in my pockets at all times possible. Stay in and watch stuff on your DVR. That's what I'll be doing. That and writing, of course.

What interests me now in AEW is that Jake "The Snake" Roberts has finally unveiled his new client: Lance Archer aka Hoyt. I have a feeling everyone was hoping for Brodie Lee. Honestly, I was too. I was a bit disappointed in the reveal. But with Jake in his corner, I'm expecting good things. Speaking of expecting good things....

The reveal of the Exalted One has to be near, right? Well, it was near. Like I said, who knows where we're headed in this world next. Is the One in question Matt Hardy? There are several storylines in AEW in which I'm heavily invested.

Speaking of a Hardy, Jeff returned to Smackdown last night in victorious manner over King Corbin. It also looked like during backstage interview that Jeff and Sami's Zayn's crew had some interaction. I don't know about you but I'd totally be up for a Jeff Hardy/Sami Zayn program for the Intercontinental Championship. I'd also like to see Sami and Daniel Bryan. Sami brought up that awhile back he, Shin and Cesaro asked Bryan to join them and he turned them down. I'd love to see them explore that avenue as well. Lots of places they could go.

Everybody take care of yourselves and be safe! Watch some old WreslteMania's on WWE Network. Watch an entire series on Netflix-I recommend Schitt's Creek if you're a comedy fan like I am. Stay safe, keep yourself entertained, read if you like(one of my favorite things) and be well. God bless!

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