Wrestle Review: Monday musings
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 03/02/2020 at 02:57 PM

Didn't get to do a column last week and you know I had some thoughts. I caught my second ever AEW pay-per-view yesterday and it was awesome! I know it was Saturday night but my friend and I like to catch the replays on Sunday afternoon.

I thought the whole show was pretty awesome. There wasn't a lull in the entire 3 hours. I'm glad they don't do a ppv every month. What AEW is now reminds me of what WWF was in the '90's when they only had the 4 shows: Royal Rumble, WreslteMania, SummerSlam and Survivor Series.

I came away from the show a huge Orange Cassidy fan. I can't explain it. He really surprised in his first match in AEW, even in a loss against PAC.

The way Ross, Tony and Excalibur talked up Kris Statlander, even in a losing effort, tells you she's probably going to be big for that company in the coming years. I was thrilled that Mox won the world championship! Fozzy's tour starts April 16. Maybe that played a hand in Chris dropping the title. Even Mox himself said in his in-ring post-match address that this company has a champion who shows up and defends-an obvious dig at Brock Lesnar and WWE. Btw, I've given up on the whole "when are they going to quit taking shots at WWE" stance. They aren't. Even if maybe they're a little more sly than they used to be(they're not much), digs will still be taken. The pay-per-view this weekend definitely makes me look forward to Dynamite Wednesday night. On the flip side....

Raw is tonight. Beth Pheonix returns to Raw to provide a medical update on Edge and probably catch an RKO. Styles vs Black looks intriguing. We get the final hype for Elimination Chamber, the official preview says. Where was the first hype? Asuka getting defeated by Baszler is also set for tonight, as is Street Profits v Rollins and Murphy for tag gold, Riddick Moss vs a mystery opponent for the 24/7 championship and Humberto Carrillo and Rey Mysterio vs Andrade and Angel Garza(whom I fully expect Jerry Lawler to call Angel Hair Pasta at some point).

I'm guessing that Rollins will have his crooked referee ref every match he's in. They better capitalize on this at some point. If they wanted to, they could play the long con and have the crooked ref be the ref in a WWE Championship match at some point and have Rollins win. That's looking way far ahead, though. And who's to say WWE even plans ahead anymore?

The fallout Wednesday from Revolution should be fun. I cannot wait to hear what Mox will have to say. Pretty cool that Renee was backstage at the show Saturday night. Nice gesture from the crypt keeper to allow her to support her husband. Just a joke, people. I'm sure it's fine.

These next few days should be fun. Well, jury's out about tonight but we'll see. It has potential, doesn't it? I think so. I try to look on the bright side of things, try to be an optimist.

I'll close with this pretty cool thing that happened to me last night. I tweeted to Cody that me and my friend watched and it was awesome! so many great performances". He liked the tweet! I geeked out a little. That's all for now. Til later!

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