Wrestle Review: New Mizerable Experience
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 12/21/2019 at 09:32 PM

Since Christmas is 4 days away(as of this posting), I thought it interesting to give my wish list for wrestling. For Monday Night Raw, I wish what I've seemingly wished for the past few years: a world champion who is actually present. Brock Lesnar, as you might recall, "quit" Smackdown and came to Raw to slaughter Rey Mysterio. He did so at Survivor Series and disappeared again(as he does). I imagine we won't be seeing him until WrestleMania. It wouldn't totally shock me if he said "I think I'll just skip WrestleMania" and Vince let him. On second thought, it's not like Brock to miss a big payday.

Stucking with Raw, I wish for Andrade to actually break through. He once had a feud with Mysterio. If Rey gets past Seth Monday(he probably won't), how about reigniting that feud and having Andrade win the United States Championship? Surely I'm not the only one who'd be down for an Andrade title run.

WWE is on the right track with their triple threat match between Bryan, Miz and, for some reason, Corbin, to see who loses to the Fiend at Royal Rumble. The presence of the Fiend will most assuredly be felt in some way Friday night. I say towards the end or at the end of the match, his music hits and there's a face to face. As I look into my crystal ball, I see The Fiend vs Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania. Maybe Miz and Bryan wil be unlikely tag team champions in 2020. Imagine if that came to fruition. And we thought Team Hell No was entertaining!

People are chattering about that videogame-esque botch on AEW Dynamite where a member of Dark Order straddled Dustin Rhodes and was punching air. Reminds me of the old Royal Rumble video game for Nintendo. Those guys were punching air all the time. The funniest part was Dustin himself calling out the faux pas on Twitter and told the guy to come take classes at his wrestling school and learn how to throw a punch. Ouch! And that's not even mentioning Matt Jackson and his brother getting their feelings hurt and leaving Twitter(for all of a half day). Grow up, children!

My Christmas wish for AEW is to keep striving forward. Do not look back. Do not compare yourselves with others. Take care of your own business. And, as Dwayne Pride says on NCIS New Orleans, learn things. What I mean is, learn from your mistakes. In your infancy, Cody destroyed a throne symbolizing Triple H. Chris Jericho brought up WWE a few times. At least Jim Ross hasn't done it(to my knowledge). As far as decorum goes, they need to take a cue from Impact Wrestling. As I recall, they didn't have a "trash the opposition every week) mindset.

A few random notes I've picked up on:

This past week on Raw, Cole mentioned that earlier that day was tribute to the troops. Remember when that used to be a WWE special? A few years ago, they had a 2 hour special on USA. Last year I believe it was cut to an hour. Now I guess they aren't going to show it at all. Every year since 2003, on either USA, NBC or the former network UPN, and draws about 1 million viewers on a slow Christmas week. Interesting that McMahon and company would just choose to chuck it.

Oh wait, it just dawned on me that I did a wish list for Raw, Smackdown and AEW but not NXT. Well here we go. I'd love Toomasso Ciampa to win the NXT Championship again before Vince buries him on Raw or Smackdown. Same goes for Johnny Gargano. Actually, I used to think Ciampa was the one guy Vince wouldn't and couldn't screw up. Silly me: Vince can screw anyone up. In two years, Keith Lee will probably be playing the role of Seth Rollins' driver.

On that note, I do hope that everyone has a very Merry Christmas or whatever you may celebrate. God bless and I'll catch you next week!

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