Wrestle Review: Glory Bound
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 10/20/2019 at 03:15 PM

Does anyone else think Sami Callahan will become Impact World Champion tonight? I just have a sneaking suspicion that it's going to happen. If not tonight, they'll have a rematch where the title can change hands via DQ, Sami gets under Cage's skin and there you go. Also, when the had the Sami v Tessa #1 contender match, I had a suspicion we were looking at a future World Championship match. For that to happen, Sami must become World Champion. Tonight, I think he does.

Moose vs Shamrock is not really one I'm anticipating. I haven't seen Shamrock in a ring in years. I say Moose picks up the win somehow.

Crist/Blanchard/Austin/Daga/Romero for the X- Division title is where this gets interesting. Romero was added at Saturday's All Glory event. It won't matter. The winner was already in the match. Following in the footsteps of the late Chyna, Tessa Blanchard will become the first woman to hold the X Division Championship. Her reign won't last long, however. Why? Option C. That's how we eventually get Tessa Blanchard as Impact World Champion.

The triple threat tag title match is anyone's guess. My sentimental pick is RVD and Rhino. Nice to see Rhino back in a title match in a company who appreciates him instead of jobbing out to Vince's latest flavor of the day.

Michael Elgin vs Naomichi Marufuji will be one that sees a rematch November 2 for NOAH. Elgin wins tonight but loses the rematch. Taya Valkyrie will retain over Tenille Dashwood. Talk about another former WWE talent that someone else actually knows how to use correctly. Tenille may not win but it's good to see her in a serious role. She's way more than Emma".

I don't know about the Rascalz/Wagner, Jr, Aero Starr and Black Taurus. You know how WWE just adds matches to their shows at the last minute and people complain. Other companies do it, too, and nobody bats an eye. Not defending WWE. Just stating a point.

The Call Your Shot, 20 person battle royal will probably open the show. I love the concept-a match featuring men and women with the winner receiving any title match they choose. Remember the Feast or Fired match Impact had when they were TNA? It reminds me of that style match. I'd love Eddie Edward to win the match, go for the World Title and Impact get back to World Champion Eddie Edwards. Will they? I guess we'll see tonight.

In other "news", WWE is embarrassing. You've got Seth and the Fiend in a Universal Championship rematch where, and this is how they've worded it, "the match cannot be stopped for any reason". This, of course, means there will be some sort of stupidity again. Well, that might be the only embarrassing thing. The Kofi Kingston heel turn countdown clock is ticking. Did you notice Kofi crushing the pancake in his hand when Otis made lite of him losing the WWE Championship and keeping positive? I did.

It's going to be embarrassing when Braun loses to Tyson Fury. I don't even care much about this match. It looks like Braun is the heel but, who knows? The Team Hogan vs Team Flair match, with Reigns now replacing Rollins as Hogan's team captain, is the only one other than the Universal title match that could be interesting. I think if they don't give the Fiend the title here, they're making another mistake with his character. He is, after last Raw, the clear face in this situation. That's crazy to think. The Fiend is in Seth's head, Seth goes over the edge and burns down the Firefly Funhouse...this doesn't sound real, does it? Hahaha

Bound For Glory, Crown Jewel, AEW, New Japan...there is so much going on in wrestling right now and I love it! Whichever you enjoy, remember to enjoy it to the fullest! Be a fan!

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