Wrestle Review: Massive Week
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 10/05/2019 at 01:02 AM

Our massive week of wrestling began with a whimper Monday. The end segment with Bobby Lashley and Lana was on par with Lashley's other awful feud with Sami Zayn. Remember "Lashley's Sisters"? Equal, if not more, amounts of cringe here. So I guess we're getting a Bobby Lashley/Rusev feud? Rusev deserves better but we all know he'll never get it in WWE.

We then got NXT as well as the debut of AEW Dynamite Wednesday night. Seeing Tomasso Ciampa return, a great Riddle/Cole title match, Ciampa confronting Cole at the end...all good. I felt AEW had a pretty decent primetime cable debut. I could've done without the WCW references, and they definitely gave me WCW vibes at certain moments. I'm not knocking anybody for reminiscing. Also, the AEW debut of Jack Haeger aka Swagger was, for me, eh. I did chuckle at the crowd chanting "We The People". Or was it "Weed The People"? Haha

They then had to sully Smackdown by doing what, if we're honest, we knew they would in giving Brock Lesnar the WWE Championship. So, I guess the WWE Champion is going to be MIA for months. That's what Brock does, right? Well maybe not. Cain Valasquez showed up with Rey Mysterio post-match and proceeded to beat the crap out of Lesnar. As for Kofi? I wouldn't be surprised if Vince kicked him all the way back down to kickoff show status soon.

Hell In a Cell quite predictions:
1. Nakamura successfully defends the IC title against Ali thanks to Sami Zayn interference.

2. The Revival successfully defend the tag titles against New Day.

3. Bayley will beat Charlotte with help from Sasha.

4. I don't even know if there's going to be a WWE Championship match Sunday. I say no. I think the reason they had the match tonight, other than to end the boring Kofi run, was so Vince could get the title on his guy again. We know he prefers bigger wrestlers.

5. Reigns and Bryan vs Rowan and Harper: At first I thought Bryan would turn on Roman Sunday, and he may still. But now I'm not sure. Is Bryan just sucking Roman in? We'll see.

6. Becky Lynch will lose the Raw women's title to Sasha Banks in Hell In A Cell. The heat is big on Sasha. Why not capitalize? I'm thinking Bayley interferes somehow.

7. Seth Rollins defending the Universal Championship against The Fiend Bray Wyatt will likely close the show. Or not. Who knows how WWE will structure this card. I see Seth somehow retaining. If so, what's next for Wyatt? I think he gets sent to Smackdown in the draft. That's an entirely different column.

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