Wrestle Review: The Clash and other news
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 09/13/2019 at 11:17 PM

Before I get into Clash of Champions this weekend, there's some pretty big wrestling tv news. Impact Wrestling is moving to AXS TV. Thank God! I never understood Pursuit housing them. I thought it was a last gasp. My biggest issue, however, was that Pursuit is in standard definition on Dish. I had to strain to see it and it hurt my eyes. I'm glad they alleviated that problem. I think that having Impact on a channel that already houses wrestling in WOW and New Japan is a pretty nice move. Speaking of moving, NXT moves to USA Wednesday. Well, sort of. One hour on WWE Network and one hour on USA doesn't make sense to me. Why not put them both on USA? Now, I'm not one of those marks that say "AEW will crush them over this". Yes, I actually had a friend say that to me earlier tonight. Now, onto the Clash!

Drew Gulak vs Humberto Carillo vs Lince Dorado for the cruiserweight title will be a spot-fest, surely. Drew will probably retain. At least WWE is using one Drew correctly....

Bliss and Cross will lose the tag titles to Fire & Desire. Why do I say that so surely? Well, I just read a piece hinting that Bliss might want to move into a permanent GM role but I'm not too quick to believe that. I just think Mandy and Sonya are hot right now. They're on a streak and it continues Sunday with them winning the tag titles.

New Day defending the Smackdown tag titles against the Revival: Dash and Dawson have solidified themselves as Orton's backup against Kofi. Being aligned with Orton is pretty good for their careers. I think each gets involved in the other's match and, as a result, The Revival become Smackdown tag champions. That'd be interesting since they're Raw guys(until the draft at least).

Speaking of Raw tag teams, the unlikely championship duo of Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman enter into their first match of the night, defending the titles against the thrown together team of Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler. I actually like these guys together. I see Braun getting frustrated with Seth. Maybe he chokeslams him and leaves, Dolph picks the bones and we have new Raw tag champs.

Cedric Alexander earned a U.S. title opportunity by pinning AJ Styles this past Monday in the 10-man main event tag. With the Good Brothers always lurking, I don't see Cedric winning that title.

Shinsuke Nakamura defending the IC title against Miz will be...well let's be honest, it won't be one on one. Now that Sami Zayn is his mouthpiece(just because they needed something for Sami to do, I guess), I say Sami gets involved and allows Shin to retain.

Rowan vs Reigns in a no DQ match is part of the slow burn to get to Roman vs Daniel Bryan. Rowan has been brutal since stepping out on his own. Roman is probably winning though. Let's be honest, they could always have a Smackdown rematch and have Rowan win. Then have the rubber match that Reigns wins.

Smackdown women's title: Bayley defending against Charlotte...This is heel vs heel. I know they're trying to make Charlotte the face here. Charlotte is doing her best to reach Big Show territory. No turn Sunday, though. Sasha helps Bayley retain.

Now for the other half of WWE's version of the "Best Friends" tag team, I think Sasha is the one to dethrone Becky. Bayley will assist, of course. I suspect a post-match beatdown as well.

WWE has done a pretty great job with the historical aspect of the Randy Orton/Kofi Kingston WWE Title feud. First they did the history of the feud. I love that they mention those old matches a decade ago. The fact that Randy has had the jump on Kofi since the DQ finish at SummerSlam tells me that we will see a new WWE Champions Sunday. Especially since Kofi went off on Randy Tuesday. Usually when a superstar has a big night before the big show, they lose their title.

Seth Rollins defending the Universal Championship against Braun Stroman closes us out. After losing their tag titles, I say Seth will be ticked. However this match ends, Braun isn't winning the Universal Championship. Braun, through no fault of his own probably, is stuck in the position of an '80's Hulk Hogan challenger: always losing the big shot. Seth retains and then....the lights go out, the shrieking music plays, and Seth takes a mandible claw! The show closes with Bray Wyatt looking at the camera through his Fiend" mask.

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