Wrestle Review: Newsmaking and Perplexing
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 08/23/2019 at 11:02 PM

Before I get into what I was going to talk about this week, I have to touch on Jon Moxley's serious injury that caused him to pull out of All Out August 31. Jon's elbow issues have been well-documented. Now, surgery is called for once again. I wish Jon the best in his surgery and a speedy recovery.

It was announced on Twitter that Jon's replacement vs Kenny Omega is PAC. I've heard good and bad things about the guy since he left WWE. I've heard "Oh he's great" and have also heard "this guy sucks personally". I, for one, can't wait for the match! I am pumped!

The news of NXT's move to USA is pretty interesting. It's great for fans who don't have WWE Network. They can now get to see what fans with a WWE Network subscription have been seeing on a weekly basis for years. A question is how they'll adjust to going from one hour to two. It will allow them to showcase more talent, provided they take that opportunity. I just hope NXT stays under the watch of Triple H and that Vince doesn't take over. I want to see Johnny Gargano, not Johnny G whose catchphrase would probably be "Johnny G is Da Man to be"!

Two things I liked from WWE tv this week: Seth and Braun as tag champs on Raw. This will likely result in Braun turning on Seth, causing them to lose the tag titles and getting us closer to Seth v Braun for the Universal Championship(maybe at Clash of Champions). The other thing is the new trio of Randy Orton and the Revival. Call them Legacy 2.0 or Rated R-K-Oh Yeah! I like the latter.

For weeks, WWE has had us in the "who took out Roman" storyline. The reveal was, well, it was perplexing. It could've been Buddy Murphy. They could've used this opportunity to elevate a new superstar. Bryan says he's going to reveal the culprit to Roman. Cut to Smackdown's final scene. Bryan brings Roman into the room with Rowan and a hooded man. Bryan takes the hood off and it's...a guy who looks like Rowan. Rowan's "twin brother"? His "dad"? Was that the worst segment since "Old Day" and "Bayley, this is your life"? How can I forget the debacle that was "Lashley's sisters"? I don't even know how to describe that. Where can they go from here? I guess we'll see. It reminded me of the two Doink storyline years ago or two Undertaker's.

I was looking for Impact in my Hopper last weekend. I noticed it didn't record. I think I discovered why. I posed the question on Twitter whether this happened to anyone else. I got a reply that it did happen to someone else. It seems that my guide has now broken Impact into separate half-hour increments. That means that you need to hit record manually on each half-hour block of Impact. Some would say it's not worth the hassle. However, I often find I enjoy Impact.

I will end this week's column offering my congratulations to Tyler Black and Rebecca Quinn, I mean, Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch on their engagement! Catch you guys and girls next week!

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