The X-Factor: The hate culture
Submitted by Victor Mariscal on 08/11/2019 at 04:16 PM

We looked towards WrestleMania 35 with excitement. Not only did we get an all-female headliner, but NXT Horsewoman Becky Lynch became “Becky Two-Belts”. Add Kofi Kingston’s feel-good win in addition to Seth Rollins rescuing the Universal title and it was a decent show. Yeah, I know it was long. I mostly skipped Triple H vs. Batista.

My, how things change. Becky is still popular but she’s cooled off. Seth and Kofi just can’t draw big numbers. Add sorry booking on Raw, Kevin Owens’ knee-jerk heel turn, and Shane McMahon hogging up time. Then there’s the increasing threat from AEW.

What exactly is the biggest problem right now? Ask Seth and he’ll tell you. AJ Styles pointed out that fans have a sheep mentality. Brandi Rhodes is getting death threats. What do you think the problem is?

I read one comment saying that AJ has no class, he’s spineless, and has no respect for the business. What? Styles isn’t allowed to say what he feels? He’s no different than the internet fans in expressing their opinion.

Let’s talk about having class. The haters gave Roman Reigns plenty of ammo over the years. Roman would’ve been entitled to lash out when people cried ‘work’ over the leukemia. What about John Cena who defied the critics more than enough times? “He was carried” and “he buries people” were frequent comments and the 16x Champ would’ve been totally justified to stick it to the haters. Cena showed a ton of class as have many others. Have you?

Seth and Kofi can’t draw and you blame creative. If Reigns and Cena were drawing these low numbers you’d put all the blame on them.

Now, I don’t like Triple H as a person but he’s done things I liked. I might ask for an autograph if I met him. Would you tell Reigns “you faked the cancer” to his face or call Nikki Bella a slut at a signing?

Things were easier before CM Punk cut “that promo”.

Don’t mess with the X.

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