Wrestle Review: 7 Days Makes 1 Weak
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 07/27/2019 at 09:44 AM

Jimmy Uso gets arrested for DUI again. The fact that they did a segment on Raw Reunion where Cena joked in a rap about such incidents. At what point do you think help will be sought? I hope before it's too late. This has become way too frequent a problem.

The Raw Reunion caused a spike in ratings. If history is any indication, though, it'll revert to form soon. Rollins/Ziggler, Lynch/Bliss and whatever a Samoan Summit is will headline this Monday. I assume it's a face to face segment where one ends up being put through a table. I know there are talks or hopes of these two teaming up. It's setting up for a match between these two at SummerSlam, I figure. I know they had one last Monday but I expect this one to have higher stakes. The winner(Reigns) getting the next shot at Lesnar's Universal title, perhaps?

Watched Impact last night before bed. I was a little sad to see Rich Swann lose the X championship but I'm sure Impact won't drop the ball with him like WWE after he lost the cruiserweight title. I continue to be interested in the Sami Callahan/Tessa Blanchard story. This wil lead to Tessa becoming #1 contender to the Impact Championship, likely, which will be historic-even more-so if/when she wins the title.

Smackville will stream live on WWE Network tonight from, where else, Nashville, TN. Kofi, Dolph and Joe headline for the WWE Championship. Kofi will likely retain. I can't see them messing up this smart storyline with Kofi and Randy for SummerSlam. Shinsuke Nakamura will retain in a rematch with Fin Balor. How am I so sure of this? Well, I figure The Fiend might interfere and this would further a story of Bray taking everything away from Fin, culminating in Bray beating Fin at SummerSlam.

There will be a musical performance by Elias. You know somebody's crashing that. The only question is who?

I'll leave with something people are talking about. There's always the "one more match" scuttlebutt as pertains to "retired" wrestlers. Well, this past week they seem to have put some action to that talk when there was a Dolph/Shawn confrontation on Miz TV that culminated in Dolph giving Shawn his own Sweet Chin Music. I sense a Dolph vs Miz match upcoming. Will it lead to Dolph vs HBK at SummerSlam? That seems to be where we are headed. And you know what? I'm cool with it if that happens. that's definitely a SummerSlam attraction. Or maybe Miz seconded by Shawn vs Dolph seconded by another legend? We shall see.

What happens tonight and this week will definitely heat up the road to SummerSlam! Does Tessa or Sami become the #1 contender to the Impact Championship? I sure wish they'd put that on free tv Friday instead of Impact+. I'd love to see that! I'm sure they'll have highlights if not show the entire match. It's a busy week. Let's get to wrestling!

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