Wreste Review: Big Weekend
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 07/13/2019 at 12:04 AM

Kevin Owens on the mic is gold. That was proven further this week in the promo that he gave to open Smackdown. Of course you had the obligatory "cut his mic" from Shane but not before saying what everyone is thinking: Shane has hogged Smackdown, actually, Raw as well. This, of course, is leading to Kevin Owens/Shane McMahon part 2. Steel cage match somewhere down the road? We'll see.

Once again, we have a big weekend of wrestling upon us. Tomorrow(or tonight if you're reading this on Saturday), we have AEW's Fight for the Fallen. Sunday, we have WWE Extreme Rules. I guess I know what I'm doing this weekend. Now, the only question is: do I watch it on my TTV, laptop or iPad? Let's go over these a little.

Joey Janella, Jimmy Havock and Darby Allin vs Shawn Spears, MJF and Sammy Guevara on the buy-in. Wait a minute....Spears takes Cody's head off in the last show on the main card but is in this show's pre-show? Alrighty then. Probably isn't the last time we see him this night. I'm going to pick Janella's team.

Chris Jericho will have a live mic. My God! This should be entertaining! Chris usually is. I'm sure he'll hype up the inaugural AEW title match next month with he and Page, among other things. I swear, he should have his own podcast. Oh wait...:)

Britt Baker and Riho Shoho Nakajima and Bea Priestley: I'm going to go with Britt's team. Dark Order vs Angelico and Jack Evans vs Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus. I'm picking Jungle Boy's team just because I was a fan of his father's. I know, not exactly a solid reason to pick a winner.

Brandi Rhodes vs Allie should be fun. I'm picking Brandi. Why? Why not? Hangman Page vs Kip Sabian is one that I'm picking Page to win. Since he's fighting next month to be the first ever AEW Champion next month, I don't think booking him to lose would be (A) smart or (B) in their best interest. Lucha Brothers beat SoCal Uncensored. Kenny Omega beats Cima. And in the main event, I think Cody and Dustin Rhodes beat the Young Bucks. After the match, I wouldn't be surprised to see Shawn Spears beat Cody down again. We're surely getting Cody vs Shawn next month, right?

Drew Gulak reached the top of the cruiserweight division at Stomping Grounds but didn't pin Tony Neese. Neese gets his one-on-one match at Extreme Rules. I expect Gulak to retain and Neese to come unglued.

Aleister Black for weeks had begged for someone to pick a fight with him. Speculation abounded with who it could be: Randy Orton? Could this be where they finally reintroduce Bray Wyatt(whose momentum has been stalled a little)? Time for the big reveal came. And it was...Cesaro. This isn't it, guys. Sure, these guys can have a good match. When you're expecting something big, though, it's a bit anticlimactic. Of course Black is winning. I think they picked Cesaro because they needed to get a guy who Black can obviously go over in his, I guess you'd call it a re-debut. Don't get me wrong, it's going to be a stellar match: probably match of the night. But Black is winning.

Daniel Bryan and Rowan vs New Day vs Heavy Machinery for the Smackdown tag titles should be chaos. That's what you come to expect from a triple threat, right? Bryan and Rowan retain. The match will be wild. By the way, where are the extreme rules matches at a show called Extreme Rules?

Revival and Uso's for the Raw tag titles should be another banger. Either team winning wouldn't surprise me. I'm hoping the Revival cut down on the comedy and they get back to the basics we know they do so well. Revival retain.

Alexa and Nikki vs Bayley for the Smackdown women's championship. If the past few weeks of WWE tv have taught us anything, it's that the McMahon's love their six-man matches and handicap matches. I wouldn't be surprised if the main event on Smackdown Tuesday wasn't Shane McMahon, Elias and Drew vs Kevin Owens. I think Nikki pins Bayley again, giving Alexa the title. This will lead to cracks in Alexa and Nikki's relationship and Alexa vs Nikki at SummerSlam(hopefully).

Stroman and Lashley in a last man standing match is one that I don't care about. Imagine taking a guy on the cusp of superstardom in Braun, giving him the Universal title match only to have him lose on multiple occasions, booking him in nonsense and comedy feuds, then booking him with the ultimate bore, Lashley. What have you done, WWE? Lashley's probably winning this match, right?

Ricochet and AJ for the U.S. championship should be excellent wrestling. There's no question these guys can and will tear it up. Add in the Club factor and I'm seeing AJ Styles once again holding the United States Championship. A SummerSlam rematch should already be in the works.

Roman Reigns and Undertaker vs Shane McMahon and Drew in a no holds barred match. A few things here:
Their team name is apparently Graveyard Dogs. How do I know this? WWE Shop has a t-shirt that says "We Run The Yard" on the front and "Graveyard Dogs" on the back. Now, this could be another money-grab like the Shield shirt they made for one match. This could also mean Taker and Reigns will continue teaming and eventually win the Smackdown tag titles. Wound crazy? It's WWE we're talking about here. I say this is the last we see of Shane for awhile. He takes a spear, a tombstone and the pin. See ya at Mania, Shane.

Smackdown's Kofi Kingston vs Raw's Samoa Joe for the WWE Championship. Can we just say the brand split, or whatever it is, is dead? Also, this is where they finally pull the trigger on making Joe WWE Champion, right? Look, I dig Kofi but this isn't working. Does this match go a ways or does Joe run through Kofi? I say it goes to the limit before Joe finally wins the WWE Championship.

The winner-take-all tag match between Universal Champ Seth Rollins and Raw women's champ Becky Lynch vs Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans is the main event. Hey, did you know Seth and Becky are dating? WWE seems to want to bring this up every other minute. They even have Seth wearing a "The Man's Man" shirt. Oh boy..... Anyway, there's a match. Corbin and Evans better not win this. Seth and Becky need to go on to other challenges. Corbin needs to go back to Applebee's. I don't know what they'll do with Lacey. Put her on Smackdown and put her in that title hunt? And does Brock pick the bones after this match? Imagine him giving Becky an F-5. Seth turns his attention to Becky. Brock hits Seth with the case, an F-5 and regains the Universal title. Sounds good but they probably won't do it.

There you have it: my Fight for the Fallen and Extreme Rules picks. I hope everyone enjoys the shows!

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