Wrestle Review: Game Changer!
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 06/28/2019 at 11:31 PM

Hey there! Just checking in. Anything of note happen in the wrestling world this week? The announcement of Paul Heyman taking over Raw and Eric Bischoff taking over Smackdown definitely lit a fire under wrestling fans this week. The head spins with ideas of what could happen! And just a few minutes before this writing, it was announced that each would be on their new respective shows this week. Of course, it was immediately said that this was rumor. I prefer to believe it. Hey, what do they have to lose?

Naturally, this was pretty big news so I texted a mutual wresting fan friend. He was pretty quick to say "yeah but who has the ultimate final say"? In my mind I'm like "gee, thanks for killing that buzz". I mean, I suppose he'll eventually be proven right. I'm still pretty freaking pumped about the possibilities! Unless they include Brock Lesnar regaining and holding the Universal title for 4+ years.

Seth Rollins' Twitter rant earlier this week towards Will Ospreay had a lot of use being like that New Day gif with Big E eating popcorn. Hey, people are talking about it. Mission accomplished, right? I'm sure professional pride plays a part in what Seth tweeted. How could it not? You're not going to run down where you work. You do that after you leave. Right, Jon Moxley? I'm sure Jon's comments make it real fun for Renee to work there.

AEW's Fyter Fest is tomorrow(Saturday) night. It's the first time Jon Moxley wrestles for AEW. Kenny Omega and Young Bucks vs Lucha Bros and Laredo Kid...I pick Kenny and YB's. Moxley vs Joey Janella....Mox has to win. I mean, it's his first official match for his new company. I equate it to the first day at your new school.

Cody vs Darby Allin. I did see Allin's introductory video. I'll just take a break here to say this: do you realize how cool it is to be around for the beginning of a company? I remember those early days of TNA...the weekly $9.99 pay-per-view events every Wednesday night live from Nashville. I saw the formative years of AJ Styles. I think to myself: "could we see the next big superstar getting started"? Only time will tell. It's pretty exciting!

Hangman Page, I think, will be the biggest rising star of AEW. He will probably be the first to jump ship to WWE. You know someone will. He faces MJF, Havoc and Jungle Boy in a fatal fourway. No clue who wins but it'll be action packed. Christopher Daniels vs'll be great to see Daniels again. I know a lot have but I don't frequent Ring Of Honor's app like I should. Who has the time to watch everything?

Nyla Rose, Riho, Yuka Sakazaki in a triple threat...well I'm looking forward to getting acquainted with these ladies. Michael Nakazawa vs Alex Jebailey at the Buy-In is another one that interests me. Again, a lot of these interest me because it'll be my first time seeing a lot of them. I'm glad this is free. I probably wouldn't pay $60 for just a few names I know.

SCU vs Best Friends vs Private Party is the first advertised for the Buy In with the winner getting a first round bye in the tag championship tournament. I'm assuming all these title matches will be taking place at All Out on August 31?

I just saw a video clip of tonight's Tessa and Sami interaction on Impact. Pursuit has it on a week delay for some reason but I saw the clip of Tessa getting beaten with a bat in the ribs from Callahan and taking a piledriver from him. Wow! As if I wasn't invested in the rivalry before. Well done, Impact!

Enjoy all the upcoming wrestling! Talk about a summer explosion!

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