Wrestle Review: Track Records
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 06/22/2019 at 01:24 AM

Given WWE's recent track record, if I were them, I'd be worried about SummerSlam. I know it's two months away but they show no signs of trying to change for the better. In fact, it's a pretty good likelihood that Shane McMahon will walk out of SummerSlam WWE Champion. Wouldn't that be embarrassing? Right now, though, let's talk about Stomping Grounds.

Neese, Tozawa and Gulak in a triple threat for the cruiserweight title. I'm picking Neese, I'm wondering how I'm expected to care about a show that WWE couldn't even be bothered with getting the day right on their website. That said, let's continue.

Big E and Xavier Woods will lose to Owens and Zayn. It won't be a total loss for New Day, though. I'll get to that. Heavy Machinery getting a tag title shot against Bryan and Rowan is hilarious. It's further proof of WWE's shoddy booking-on either brand. I'm picking Bryan and Rowan to retain simply because they can't put titles on Bushwackers 2.0.

Joe and Ricochet for the United States Championship should be a show stealer. Joe will likely retain but I expect a fantastic match.

Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre: First, you know Shane McMahon gets involved here. I can't believe WWE would actually do this but I'm picking Roman to lose for the second event in a row. Remember when Drew was on his way to being champion? What happened to that? Now we're seemingly close to Shane McMahon being WWE Champion. I digress.

Bayley needs to defeat Alexa Bliss and retain the Smackdown women's championship to preserve "new attitude" Bayley. She could lose the title and snap on Alexa post-match. I'm thinking Bayley retains here, though. Perhaps a Nikki/Alexa blow-up after the match? I think we're already starting to see the beginning of the end of that partnership. I could go for a tag title run with these two, though.

Becky and Lacey for the Raw women's title-Lacey better not walk out of there as the Raw women's champion. She probably will eventually win it, though. We'll get the double embarrassment of Shane as WWE Champ and Lacey as Raw women's champ soon enough. No need to rush Armageddon.

Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler in a steel cage for the WWE Championship should be fantastic! I think Kofi retains again after a great match. The referee's hand hits three and Brock Lesnar's music hits. That'll be a smokescreen, though. We won't see Brock Sunday.

Universal champion Seth Rollins defending against your Applebee's waiter Baron Corbin should be anything but interesting. I wasn't intrigued or excited when Corbin won the #1 contender match. Baron is another Lacey in my opinion in that he better not win the Universal Championship. There is the matter of Corbin's special referee that he gets to choose. Wouldn't it be a perfect twist if he chose Becky and she screwed Seth out of the championship? Not saying I want Corbin as champ. I'm just saying that would be compelling television. God knows that company needs some compelling television.

Those are just a few ways I would move forward in WWE Sunday. What will happen? Time will tell. Will anyone watch? Oh, I'm sure plenty will. Enjoy the show!

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