Wrestle Review: Rount Mushmore
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 04/26/2019 at 11:46 PM

The funniest thing that happened in wrestling this week happened Tuesday. Shane McMahon was attempting to reference Mount Rushmore. Instead, without missing a beat, he says "Rount Mushmore". Now, being on live television, one can't very well say, "I'm sorry, Mount Rushmore". Twitter roasted him, of course. I laughed and laughed! Then I backed it up to watch again to make sure I heard it right the first time.

Luke Harper being denied his WWE release reeks of fear, or is it a dictatorship? I say fear because there will soon be another option, AEW. The fact that they aren't using him, still have to pay him until 2020 AND his extension....well that's on them. But why not use such a remarkable talent? What if they actually do have something in line for him and we don't know it? He could be part of Bray's funhouse. We don't know. It's doubtful, though. And no, I'm not being a WWE apologist. Why would I?

The Taya Valkrie attacking Jordyn Grace segment tonight on Impact was a good piece, I thought. I'm sure there will be some who think it's cheesy. Hello, it's wrestling. It's not supposed to be serious.

Lance Storm telling off Johnny Impact an Taya and kicking Johnny, well it was cool seeing him back. I can't tell if this was a set-up for another crooked referee situation or not. I guess we'll know at Rebellion.

Speaking of a referee situation, my thought and prayers go out to NXT referee Tom Caster suffered a nasty broken leg while officiating a Tyler Breeze/Velveteen Dream match. I've seen the video. It is pretty gruesome. Get well soon, Tom!

I can't leave without commenting on the one officially signed match for Money In The Bank. We've wanted Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles for a long time. Now we're finally going to get it and I am pumped! Looks like we'll be getting another first time match as well at MITB: Kofi and KO for the WWE Championship. Again, not official but after Owens attacking Kofi and Xavier on Smackdown, I hardly think this doesn't result in a match. We shall see.

More than several unanswered questions as we're(as of tonight-Friday) 24 days away from Money In The Bank. I did get a potential spoiler today of who might be in the ladder match. Let me just say: if this is the case, it'll be an unbelievable match with the Drew McIntyre winning the case. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Let's enjoy the upcoming week of wrestling. I doubt we'll get another gem like "Rount Mushmore" but hey, you never know.

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