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As I get older my mind begins to regress. The small things irritate me, like the misuse of the word “splits” (see UpUpDownDown - Wheel of Fortune). Music, movies, and of course wrestling just fail to live up to the quality they once were “back in my day.” And I’ve taken a liking to binge watching cartoons from the golden era again. Why am I sharing some of my psychological deterioration with y’all? Well, my at one-time favorite wrestler Bray Wyatt debuted a new gimmick the other night that very much seems to mirror my adolescent mindset. Is it a coincidence that WWE is trying to reach out to the kid in me, and maybe all of us, through the seniored manipulative talker in WWE? Or is it WWE’s own regression to once again hit the reset button on a character once they’ve run out of ideas for him?

One distinctive reason I gravitated to Bray since his emergence was due to the fact he was one the last gimmicks in this day and age. Most wrestlers now are only a generic name, very simplistic ring attire, and maybe a nickname pertaining to their one unique physical attribute or origin country. That’s it. There are no more characters. Bray was and still is exactly that, a character. The soft spoken cult leader who prattled in riddles, occasionally proving to have supernatural powers. A great throwback to the days that I grew up watching the product. And to be honest, he lasted a hell of a lot longer than I believed he would. Even though rumors had been amok about his imminent return, I kept my guard up waiting that future endeavored post. Instead, he gets to work his magic one more time. Only, with a new version of himself.

THANKFULLY he's not returning as Husky Harris. The army tank with a Ferrari engine was nothing more than a smiling, agile big man with lineage to the sport of wrestling. Yes, this isn’t the first gimmick change for the grandson of a Blackjack. Rather than go back to that ridiculous name he simply got “Brodus Clayed.” A term I coined when a wrestler makes a 180 on personalities with little to no explanation. That is what makes wrestling truly unique. A wrestler can just take on an entirely new role or name and we simply have to accept it!...but it doesn’t always work and no I'm not talking about The Viking Experience. Remember when WCW’s "Das Wunderkind" Alex Wright traded in his key lime tights in favor of all black ensemble, shaved head, and adopted the name Berlyn? The dancing fool was impossible to take as a serious threat in any form and quickly reverted back to his stripper strutting ways. This is what sets Bray apart from other characters of these days, conviction to any and all roles. And he's still Bray Wyatt.

This change is very peculiar in that we’re not forced to ignore what he once was. The sinister seducer admits he was a “very bad man” right from the start and asks for forgiveness. Even names of the past such Abby/Abigail and Fireflies are played right into his new Fun House. How can it be proven that it’s already a hit? It has everyone talking! Such diverse opinions right off the bat from just one promo. I cannot remember such extreme differences in opinions on a new character. Maybe not everyone agrees with his assumed direction but it has the masses certainly interested.

I have two theories on where this new Bray Wyatt chapter might be headed. While many are making comparisons to Mr. Rogers, Blues Clues etc., the first idea that popped in my head was Positively Page. When DDP was sideline with an injury, he made his comeback as somewhat of a hyper optimistic goofball. His personality was tremendously over-the-top entertaining that he turned himself face in the process. I see Bray’s true Fireflies following him along for the true face turn he never had.


As of writing this, reports from Brad Shepard are that some bigwig sponsors are unpleased in having a cynical madman using a kid friendly gimmick. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bray pull an Emmalina and go right back to being the Eater of Worlds. If WWE can play it carefully then they won’t have anything to worry about. He never once mentioned children in his promo although the canned applause and laughter were obviously youngsters. As long as he isn’t Seven/Dustin Runnels lurking outside of a little boy’s window, there shouldn’t be any concern.

Whatever the result, the man Windham Rotunda is revolutionary. He becomes that character when the lights are on an incites a reaction from the universe. It’s up to WWE to proceed with a possibly fun 90s style persona or play it safe and return him to his old stale act.

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