Wrestle Review: Shake It Up
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 04/19/2019 at 10:44 PM

This past week was the superstar shakeup. The biggest acquisitions for Raw was AJ Styles. I do like the way they presented it: the six-man tag with a mystery partner. Some might say it's played out. I say why mess with a good thing. Immediately, our thoughts went to a potential AJ Styles/Roman Reigns Universal Championship match. I am in agreement with my friend Sheena. She said on the latest installment of The Chick Foley podcast that they should save that for SummerSlam and not your typical filler show. Speaking of the filler shows, I side with Vickie Guerrero. This week, she said she feels WWE has too many filler events. The four-only shows gave storylines time to progress. Now that there are multiple shows per month, things are just thrown together.

Now we come to my biggest grip about the shakeup. Calling up the War Raiders was fine. Well, we know Vince is going to screw them up. Well, it seems that Vince screwed them as soon as they walked through the curtain Monday night. "Hey, pal! I know what we'll do. We'll change their team name to the Viking Express, dress them up as the Berzerker. I liked him. I should've put the world title on him. Oh well. What might have been". I can only imagine that's how it went.

We wondered about Sheamus. He wasn't on either show this week and wasn't part of the shake-up. Turns out, he has a concussion. I hear Daniel Bryan is once again injured as well. Both are disconcerting. I wish them well.

The Hardy's winning the Smackdown tag titles last week was a sign to me about the Uso's moving to Raw. Sure enough, that's exactly what happened. The idea was floated on the Chick Foley Show that it might be time to split Jimmy and Jey. I could see a singles run for one or both of those guys.

The fact that Big Cass and Enzo are in ROH is unbelievable to me given these guys had such issues in WWE. I hope things work out for them in ROH and that the decision to bring in the duo doesn't bite the company in the backside.

I have a season pass on the Vice show Dark Side of the Ring. I haven't watched yet, though. There are so many things to watch, obviously. I'll get to it. That's my rally cry as it pertains to a lot of things these days.

The Shield is apparently having their final final final match upcoming on WWE Network. They've had several final matches. I mean, Seth and Roman are on different shows and Dean is with or isn't with the company anymore. Anyway, I've lost interest in another final match for this team.

I haven't watched Impact yet and won't be able to for awhile. Can't really review what you haven't watched.

Given the shaken not stirred week that us wrestling fans have had, here's hoping for some fresh storylines and recharged batteries as we forge ahead.

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