Amalgam Rhapsody: EnTITLEment
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Alright guys, I’m back to my normal frame of mind...well, as normal as someone named LoneLee can be. Wrestlemania is finally behind us, and for some, the wait felt as long as the actual event. The 7.5 hour marathon was certainly one of the most memorable Manias in recent years. The conclusions of several feel good stories on what should be the climactic stage in storytelling. This year they left us feeling like a new era was ushered in by sending the crowd home happy. Imagine that! WWE gave fans what they wanted for once! Although, not everyone left Metlife Stadium (or is it Metlife “Center”) that day completely pleased with the outcomes.

I give you my thoughts on last week's hottest topic of discussion, the ballad of The Boss Sasha Banks. Firstly, I want to make it clear, I’m not stating whether I wholeheartedly believe nor disbelieve any of these reports. I solemnly maintain that none of us are there to witness anything or truly know the facts until the parties involved speak publicly on the matters. With that having been said, ridiculous is this entire ongoing saga??? Tantrums, cryptic posts, pulling out of TV appearances, threats, emergency meetings, and cooling off periods. Never a dull moment on social media, is there? What makes the situation interesting is that given the circumstances and the notoriety of the person involved, it isn’t too far-fetched to envision.

This whole situation began with the reintroduction of the Women’s Tag Team championships at Elimination Chamber. Sasha, always being one to wear her heart on her sleeve, telegraphed the outcome for me when making her entrance and appeared to be fighting back tears from the get-go. Her statement during her’s and Bayley’s title celebration was pretty straightforward and even had me believing she had some validity in her speech. “We don’t just do this for us, w. don’t just do this for you (the fans), we do this for everyone in the back - this Women’s division.” Now looking in hindsight, were those words benevolent and palpable? Or were they more empty promises from a self-gratifying glory hound?

As most of you may know, the accounts backstage from different sources are that Sasha and Bayley were unhappy in dropping the championship at Mania just weeks after winning them. So far as to going into protest by laying on the floor before the match and loudly making their feelings known to everyone around, like a child throwing a tantrum. What?! I know Sasha and Bayley look like two kids playing dress up with their plastic jewelry, colorful tassels, and inflatable tube men...but seriously? This is such a step back, a jump back, for the Women’s division if this turns out to be a fact. It’s hard for me to believe such top level performers would act in an immensely immature manner. Although, I could easily imagine a ‘96 Shawn Michaels using similar tactics before losing his smile.

Perhaps it isn’t too asinine to consider though. Banks posted a picture not too long after the rumors started swirling, perhaps in attempt to dispel any rumors of having contempt for the new champs, The IIconics. The picture however features the former champs with noticeably puffy eyes and seemingly forced smiles. The issue was never about any personal grudge toward The IIconics, it was about Sasha having the rug pulled out from her yet again. It was a breaking point in creative frustration that resulted in her being sent home to reassess her priorities. Well, she doesn’t seem to be too bothered as numerous pics have been posted showing her and others enjoying a caribbean vacation. She’ll live, that’s a good thing. Is she jaded about her spot in WWE? Why shouldn’t she be? Her storyline with Bayley has been stop-and-go for an elongated period and since her emergence onto the main roster she’s felt like nothing but transitional figure in all her feuds, being used as nothing more than a proponent to elevate others.

I say this as one of the highest possible comments I can give: Sasha Banks is a bitch! Not Mercedes, I don’t know Mercedes, but “The Boss” is at her best when portraying the role of an egotistical, malicious independent woman. She made her mark in NXT as a heel with undeniable talent and poise. Why hasn’t WWE let that character run roughshod in the main roster? Well my friends, I think we’re being half worked.

Here’s one theory I have: Pulling out of an appearance on Wendy Williams daytime TV show was obviously not an extreme WWE would take to pull the wool over our eyes. They burned that bridge and that’s bad PR for the company. I do believe that Sasha and her husbands cryptic posts are a form of art imitating life. She’s frustrated. Why not use that frustration and turn into something marketable? Just as the Becky/Ronda Twitter feud blurred the lines of reality with many of the fans, this is no doubt an attempt to get a story brewing. Her following AEW execs on social media? I’m not buying it. And you guys shouldn’t either. Do McDonald’s employees lash out by suddenly following Wendy’s Twitter account? (The Wendy's account is very entertaining though.)

A lot of reports are coming from unnamed “sources” or unreliable sites. WWE has worked us into something special with the early beginnings of The Boss’s imminent return.

But if this theory is wrong…One report has it that Sasha requested for her release. This is something WWE cannot afford. If the 27-year old Banks has already reached that glass ceiling in WWE and seeks greener pastures, it presents dream scenarios and possible matchups elsewhere. A feud with Tessa Blanchard practically writes itself. She would be an asset to any roster, not just ladies roster, if the creative shackles were removed. Shame on WWE if they let her slip away but no talent should feel like they are entitled to anything anywhere. Hopefully Sasha and WWE can come to terms that benefit both of them in the future. But personally, I will be fine if I never have to hear Michael Cole bellow out “It’s Boss time” again.

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