Amalgam Rhapsody: People Like Us
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"A symbol of accomplishing your goals, achieving your dreams. No matter who you are, no matter where you come from, no matter what you look like, if you believe - you can make it happen.” Seriously, I never thought I’d say this sentence in my life but Byron Saxton had the call of the night. Byron beautifully punctuated the wild wave that was Kofimania solidifying it as an iconic moment in Wrestlemania history. Truly a magical moment for people like us.

Yes, when I say “people like us” I am definitely speaking in terms of race. I’m also speaking in terms of any appearance. Any size, shape, gender, religion, any and all forms of individuality. I’m talking about everyone who has ever been degraded or condescended to for the choices they make, and even for details that are beyond their control. I'm specially reaching out to all those, like myself, considered to be an eccentric oddball or weird. In this muscle ballet that we dedicate ourselves undyingly on a weekly basis, a lot of times the subject matter can hit home very deeply. We take so much of it to heart and often times very personal. Which is why I had a certain vested interest in this Mania's WWE Championship match.

As silly as it may sound,...I risked all of my beliefs on this single match. Wrestling is scripted absolutely, but it mirrors real-life struggles in so many ways. Life hasn’t been kind to me in more ways than one over the past decade plus. Even more so in recent weeks...I knew what it was like to be looked down on and over despite my efforts. Wondering if the grind was even worth it for myself anymore to have nothing in return. So I came to the decision if Kofi didn’t win, I was done holding out for a better tomorrow. No more positivity, no more dreams or expectations. I would simply continue the inevitable cycle of disappointment and heartache. I’d wallow in self-pity and whittle away to nothing until my number was ultimately called. WWE promised at the beginning of the year to hear our voices, to give us a product we could believe in. Still, as of April 6th they had yet to deliver on that promise. But, maybe just maybe, if Kofi won...then the power of positivity would be as real as you and me.

WWE has also broken my heart countless times over the years. Sometimes we accuse Vince McMahon of punishing us for his own amusement and grow apathetic by responding “what can we do? It’s his company.” Yes, the internet fan base often gets accused of focusing on the faults in every aspect of the product and “never being happy.” However, one thing they can’t take from us is we know a genuinely admirable worker when we see one. Just as we supported Becky Lynch to make history we also made it our mission to procure the same success for Kofi Kingston. Again, neither of these individuals stories has been about color or gender, this is about diligent work and tireless devotion finally being recognized REGARDLESS of superficial matters. It's just what made them unique in their own way is what made them identifiable to us.

I silenced my phone and watched every punch, kick, and counter with bated breath. Still on guard for the predictable formulaic ways of the product I’ve watched since I’ve been on this Earth. I keep my eyes peeled for any interference, ref bumps, heel turns, any kind of foul play assuring myself of the inevitable stale finish. None of it happened. No Big E heel turn simply to agitate fans in the worst way, no screwy finish to continue a feud for another PPV down the line. Two men did what they do best and told an incredible story that culminated with the most important 3 count of my entire life.

See for a couple years now, The New Day have been much more than tag team for me. They’ve been a message. They've been a reminder. Being true to yourself is the one conclusive key to happiness. Maybe I get chuckles for wearing a bright orange shirt with pancakes on it or use uncommon and outdated vernacular, own a library of video games, listen to Kpop, and the other long list of bizarre quirks I possess, but those are qualities that make me, well, me! They make me who I am. Sure, I don’t conform to “what I should be” or “act my age” and neither do The New Day. None of them were ever supposed to make it this far but all of us together changed that. The New Day are a collection of hard workers that became friends, then became brothers. They were true to themselves and realized success at every opportunity. The masses finally came to the realization that they could be denied no longer and supported them like they’ve supported each other. Until the one man in charge realized it too.

Their tears were real. My tears were real. The power of positivity is very real, ladies and gentleman. It may be hard to keep a brave face during tough times, to keep a positive outlook on life, to put your best foot forward, and any other cliche' I can think of. But with the love and support of each other, with invincible determination, and bona fide honesty within oneself...I refer you back to Byron’s statement.

If you’re still reading through all of that mushiness I’d just like to thank The New Day for reminding me the importance of living and loving life. And over time having a hand in turning the term “people like us” into simply “us.”

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