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The following comments and questions (in bold) are from my 411mania columns for February 2019. My reply is immediately below. Enjoy!


Once a month, I reply to the comment sections from my 411mania column. This is from February 2019. No cussing or offensive language allowed.

Previous Q&A

Paul 'Hoss' Elliott: If Watry was made of chocolate, i swear to god he would eat himself....

I've been told I taste good, so adding chocolate is an added bonus! Good idea man.

IMissMarkingOut: We may get Cena vs Bryan at Mania. The only face contenders on Smackdown would be Jeff or Mysterio. Jeff is in the chamber, so we sort of get him vs Bryan already and Rey is likely to keep feuding with Andrade.

It's currently 2pm on February 2nd. By the time this is posted, we will probably know the WWE Championship plans for WrestleMania 35. That being said, John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan works for me. Never did get a pay-per-view rematch from SummerSlam 2013. 

All depends on Lars' status I guess?

lomis: Drew is losing too much and turning into just another guy. He needs to string together some wins, quickly.

In a perfect world, he is still undefeated since appearing on Raw last April and gets the coveted WM spot against The Undertaker. Even if that was never the plan, I don't like his few losses. Make no mistake, The Stud will be fine. Random losses will not harm his path to greatness but still! His momentum from a month ago appears to have stalled a bit. Perhaps another big match with Kurt Angle is the idea to get back on track?

Don't Cry For Dean Ambrose

Satanic_Redneck: What happened on the podcast? I've been out of the loop, obviously.

It was a disaster. Stone Cold tried his best to get something out of Dean Ambrose and got nothing. It was a bore, worse than the very disappointing Brock Lesnar edition. The dude was WWE Champion for the first time ever and was given a massive platform, something he worked his entire life for. Yet, all he could do was sit there, grin and make bad jokes about avoiding certain (all) personal things. Did nothing for him, his fanbase, or WWE itself.

The Stone Cold Podcast was never aired on WWE Network again and when the company has AJ Styles ready, the title change happened in their first meeting.  Boom. Main event championship run over in a flash as he Sat and did the whole loner thing to act cool. Yay I guess?

All that being said, I'm not going to entirely blame Ambrose. I admit. There are definitely certain topics I won't discuss. I admit that. The difference is I'm not on a global stage as WWE Champion talking to Stone Cold Steve Austin with a huge platform. The whole interview stunk and summed up his one and only WWE Title run.

Fireguy: Don't mind me. Just here for the comments.

For 11 years and running.

Matt Johnson: Like the character but his wrestling is meh.

True. It does seem like he is always in there with a better wrestler and when he isn't, meh...

That's A Good Idea (Matt P): Hands down, the best Watry article ever. No references to his girlfriend, how right he always is, etc. It's almost like someone new is playing Watry.

Well, I did call Dean Ambrose flopping as WWE Champion and peaking with his cash in. I was right. That was his moment, and it was all downhill from there. Even his biggest supporters were begging for him to drop the belt to either Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam or AJ Styles at Backlash. As for my girlfriend, I am writing this as we sit on the couch. Here, let me get her input quick.

"Babe, what do you think of Dean Ambrose?"

"He's alright."

"What about him maybe leaving?"

"Well then, good for him."

There, she doesn't seem to care. For those who missed it, my bold predictions for 2019 in audio form...

Elimination Chamber 2019 Review

Ed King: Mustafa Ali might go down as the Wally Pip, Drew Bledsoe, Dougray Scott of the WWE

Especially since it appears Kofi Kingston will get a WWE Title match at WrestleMania 35! I mean, my goodness how things can turn on a dime. Heck, it is not a bold prediction at this point, but Kofi Kingston is probably going to become WWE Champion on the grandest stage of them all.

How? Why?

Because Mustafa Ali got hurt.

No other reason. The snowball effect right there ladies and gentlemen. Once it starts, it isn't stopping. Sucks big time for Ali, as I have to imagine he was originally poised for the face time vs. heel Daniel Bryan. You wonder why athletes hide injuries or lie about health problems? Ask Mustafa Ali. He'd give anything in the world to get back to the week before Elimination Chamber. 

Yoni Marlow: I actually agree with most of what you said here Watry. The only thing is - Roman won’t be back for the 6 man tag.

Thanks but nope. The triple power bomb at the pay-per-view wasn't done to Braun Strowman just because. Clear as day, even for the supposed 'smart' fans. As for Reigns returning, somebody isn't following me on Twitter...

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