Wrestle Review: Kurt's Last Ride?
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 03/16/2019 at 06:48 PM

I had to take to YouTube to watch Impact highlights, as my recorder cut off after a half hour. I like the Johnny Impact turn. He'd been hinting at it for awhile. A Johnny, Kross and Taya trio could be interesting. Johnny is one of those guys who's just best as a heel. Speaking of which...

Heel Shane McMahon is gold. Now we have Shane vs Miz at WrestleMania. There will be shenanigans. Will Shane actually win a WrestleMania match? Also on the blue brand, it looks like Tuesday we finally get the official word of Kofi getting the WWE Championship match at WrestleMania. To get it, he must win a gauntlet match that we learned this morning via twitter will kick off Smackdown. I'm guessing this will last the entire first hour and will be Kofi's "Rollins gauntlet moment". Remember Seth in the Raw gauntlet match? I'm expecting Kofi's push to be put into high gear this Tuesday.

Kurt Angle doing his finale tour leading up to his final match at WrestleMania should be, could be, fantastic. Kurt will reportedly announce his WrestleMania opponent this coming Monday. I really don't know who it could be. Is Undertaker returning for one more match? Will his opponent be Cena? Think about it: Cena's first WWE main roster opponent in 2002 was Kurt Angle. Why not have Kurt's finale be against Cena?

I'm very interested in the happenings of the coming week in WWE as well as Impact Wrestling. I need to catch up on my New Japan recordings. But with the NCAA Tournament starting this coming week, there's going to be some long nights. No doubt the Hopper is going to get filled up again.

Dave Meltzer is speculating Angle could be working through an injury. He's thinking Angle and Cena vs Corbin and Lashley, possibly Joe. I'm going to dispute Mr. Meltzer here. I think John Cena might be back to take the United States Championship from Samoa Joe, or at least have a match with him. Lashley is currently in a feud with Balor. How about Lashley and Corbin vs Angle and Balor? Just a thought. I'm still thinking Angle vs Cena coming full circle, though. We'll see Monday.

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