Wrestle Review: Random Musings
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 03/08/2019 at 11:02 PM

Between Ronda Rousey not following the script Monday on Raw and her online diatribe towards wrestlers, wrestling and the fans, one has to wonder exactly when the boom is getting lowered on Ronda. Unless of course, this is all for show. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Vince himself was in the room while Ronda was recording that video.
I say Ronda is about to take a nasty beatdown at the hands of the entire women's division at WrestleMania. Maybe before.
What is WWE doing to Naomi? They have her feuding with Barbie, I mean Mandy. And they currently have Mandy winning. I could ask the same with Lacey Evans. They built her up in NXT as having a pretty mean right called The Women's Right. Now all she's doing since they called her up is going out there and waving to the crowd, then going back. I swear it's the same gimmick they tried on Lana when they split her and Rusev. It sucked then and it sucks now.

Big E and Nakamura face Big E and Xavier Woods on the kickoff show. I'm picking Shin and Rusev for the simple fact that I believe the New Day might start to splinter. Rey Mysterio and Andrade face off in the second kickoff match think it's easy to predict that these two will have yet another great match. This is another good chance to put Andrade over.

The Revival defend the Raw tag titles against Gable and Roode as well as Black and Ricochet. These are not good odds for the champs. I'm leaning towards Black and Ricochet to come away with the titles. It may be too soon for them to win championships on the main roster but I say go for it. They'll both have their singles runs soon enough.

If Mandy Rose wins the Smackdown women's championship against Asuka..... I can't even bring myself to finish that sentence. Never fear, though, I have a feeling Naomi costs Mandy the title. This will lead to Mandy vs Naomi at WrestleMania, perhaps.

Sasha/Bayley vs Nia/Tamina for the women's tag titles +could be a good one. You'd probably give the edge to Nia and Tamina because of fierceness. But, they were in the chamber match and lost. That said, I am giving the nod to Nia and Tamina. I say these teams play hot potato with the belts.

The Usos defending the tag titles against Shane and Miz is where I think we move towards Miz vs Shane at WrestleMania. Conventional wisdom says Miz, the natural heel, will turn on Shane. If anyone turns, I think it'll be Shane. I can see Shane vs Miz at Mania. And I see Jimmy and Jey retaining.

The Shield reunites(again) to face Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley. We have to see a Shield triple powerbomb, right? I also think we might see Braun Stroman make an appearance. He appears to go after Corbin but nails the Shield instead. Remember the triple powerbomb to Stroman once upon a time? I think Braun gets payback(and boos).

Charlotte faces Becky. If Becky wins, she gets added to the championship match she won in the women's Rumble. Are they basically saying, for the second year in a row, that the women's Rumble doesn't mean anything? I mean, Asuka won it last year, was undefeated, and got beaten by Charlotte. So, if Charlotte wins Sunday and gets added to the Mania match, what does that say about the Rumble? Although, I suppose Becky winning a triple threat at Mania would make her look stronger. We'll see. My thought: Becky wins and gets added to the match she was supposed to be in in the first place. Seems like a waste of a match.

There were plenty who were up in arms about Kevin Owens replacing Kofi Kingston at Fastlane against Daniel Bryan, But I imagine Kofi is having his WrestleMania moment. I say we're getting another triple threat. Let's stay with this match, however. I think Bryan retains, likely because of Rowan. Rowan and Bryan beat down Owens, bringing Kofi from the back. This could lead to Bryan and Rowan vs Kofi and Owens on Smackdown.

I know there are several who wonder if we need a show between Rumble and Mania. Well, the big matches could probably take place on tv, make Smackdown a little more special. At any rate, it could be a pretty decent show Sunday. It's sure to be an interesting road to WrestleMania.

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