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Submitted by Justin Watry on 03/07/2019 at 08:27 PM

The hot debate for the past few years has been about professional wrestling moving to a different viewing platform. Twitch, websites, Tout, YouTube, WWE Network, Fite, etc. All of that is nice, but here is the cold hard truth.

WWE just signed television contracts worth more than two billion dollars. Two. BILLION! Unless there is some magic dust on those streaming sites, TV is still king. Sirry, that is just the way it is. Even in 2019. Yhus, it is only right to focus on the best wrestling shows from 2018.

TV Shows Of 2018 For Wrestling

5. Lucha Underground
4. ROH
3. Smackdown LIVE
2. Raw

1. NXT - I am going to assume NXT is separate for this category. In that instance, there is no contest. While there are indeed some weeks that feel like filler, this year the weekly show picked up. There are great bouts all the time and tons of interesting promos. No use praising NXT - I would be here for hours then. RAW, in my opinion, got too much flack. I was at the infamous November RAW that was called the worst ever. I had a blast there and didn't think anything of it, until I got online a day later. I didn't get it. To be fair, the next few weeks absolutely made it clear WWE needed a refresh. Before that...the show was fine. Smackdown Live is the show that stunk throughout most of 2018. Since it is the blue brand and 'under dog,' the internet folks give it a pass. Ratings sunk lower than Raws did, yet not a peep about Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles. Imagine that. To end this on a positive note, NXT rules all and is everything good about this industry.

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