Amalgam Rhapsody: Never Been Afraid of Any Deviation
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A lyric from Ronda Rousey's entrance theme, Bad Reputation by Joan Jett that I felt best describes the Raw Women's champion. Let's get the parade of praising out of he way first. Ronda Rousey is an innovator in the combat sports industry. She was the first female to main event a UFC PPV and will undoubtedly have the very same accolade at this year's Wrestlemania. Her gift of greatness also comes with the curse of being a success as she has always been one of the most polarizing figures in her field. However, while as outstanding as she may be, she is far from being THE best in WWE. Highly uncomfortable territory for the Rowdy One but not unfamiliar. Question is, how will she handle it this time?

We as wrestling fans rarely accept outside athletes into our world, and when we do, they are held under a very fine microscope. Rousey was able to skip passed NXT and make her debut, not only on the main roster, but at Wrestlemania due to her notoriety alone. But in order for her to be welcomed to the square-circle, she was going to need to knock it out of the park. And she did just that. Only, as time moved forward and her victories continued to accumulate over the more tenured women's roster, fans began to grow complacent. The conflict of both worlds began to take effect as half of the fans were frustrated that someone who hadn't fully trained to be a wrestler could dominate the field so quickly. While the other half labeled her as a "legitimate" athlete that could win any real contest if push came to shove. Rousey spent the better part of 2018 running roughshod on Raw...but on the other show SDLive, someone dared to be different.

The one-on-one match that may never happen between Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey, thanks to a freak accident from Nia Jax and a shoe-horning of a third wheel in Charlotte Flair, has in a manner of speaking already been taking place on Twitter...and it hasn't even been a close contest. The quick wit and humor of Becky Lynch is nothing new to the WWE Universe. Her thriving popularity and unmatched charisma has proven to be more than The Baddest Woman on the Planet can handle behind a keyboard and face-to-face. Ronda has never appeared comfortable speaking in front of a large crowd. A lot of the context to her promos flies over the heads of the average fan and seems to self satisfy rather than appeal to the masses (If I have to hear the definition of a champion one more time I'm going to lose it!) Now, did they work themselves into a shoot with their verbal jousting by getting a little to personal and vulgar? Who really knows? As Bully Ray said on Busted Open Radio, "That's the beauty of it." But this IMO has to be the real reason Ronda may be leaving after Wrestlemania.

Not because of a few harsh words or fan backlash, she has been no stranger to that her entire life. In Ronda's autobiography (great read btw) she makes it her personal goal to be the very best (like no one ever was) at everything she invests her time in. Whether it was Judo, Strikeforce, or UFC, simply because she knows she is capable. Wrestling has proven to be no different. She's not been a part-timer, she's more than pulled her weight in matches, not been afraid to take any bumps, and excelled far faster than anyone with a similar gateway to this industry. in UFC and Judo, she knows when it's time to move on. She's gone about as far as she can go in both her accomplishments in WWE and her fan following. If the next chapter in her life is to start a family, than I have no doubt she will give 110% into that, never to be seen in a wrestling ring again.

"I really love this job, but I don't need it." a comment made by Rousey during the latest episode of her web series. Obviously, the remark was directed at the Authority in kayfabe but one can find a lot of truth in it. What makes Rousey different from any other lifelong wrestling personality is that once she has left something, she has never looked back. She's a rolling stone that looks to tackle a new world. One may even ask if we want someone in WWE that isn't wholeheartedly invested in it. We certainly have had our reservations about Brock Lesnar. Maybe i should compare her to myself with multiplayer video games, in that if I can't be number 1 then there is no point in playing? Hell, perhaps Rousey laying down the Raw Women's championship on RAW last week was a bit tongue-in-cheek in portraying her as the quitter shes appearing to be in real-life.

Point is, Ronda Rousey is a very emotional and prideful person. If she cannot be the best, she has no problem stepping away and conquering a new field. She deviated from the norm in her ground-breaking accomplishments throughout her life and will continue to do things her way, regardless if it results in a "bad reputation."

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