The X-Factor: Admit the truth
Submitted by Victor Mariscal on 02/27/2019 at 03:57 PM

Four months ago, everything changed. Many fans felt theyíd been punched in the gut, including me.

Many got misty-eyed on October 22 when Roman Reigns told us he had a relapse of leukemia. When he said it was in remission, the roof was very much blown off. Trust me, Iíve got more to say about this but Iíll save it for the end.

How about everything from last week? Kofi Kingston in the world title picture? Long overdue!

Out came the discussion about WWE having a race problem. Theyíre not wrong, but given that Latinos have been world champs in Stamford-land, itís debatable. The Rock is the only one of African descent to hold the WWE Championship. There have been other black world champions: Ron Simmons, Ron Killings / R-Truth, Booker T, Ezekiel Jackson, and Mark Henry. Bobo Brazil was the first but the NWA wonít recognize it.

Daniel Bryan and his sanctimonious ďPlanetís ChampionĒ schtick. Kofi beating him at MetLife Stadium would be the best comeuppance.

It would mean the end of The New Day too. Everything has its time.

So, 3 guys got the axe last week. Hoping that Peyton Royce doesnít ask for her release to join her fiancťe Tye Dillinger. I like the IIconics.

If I had to pick a major gripe - and there are gripes - itís how much the focus towards the Raw Womenís title has affected everything else. The Raw Tag titles, US Title, SD Womenís belt, Boring Corbinís push, and all this BS with Braun Strowman and Lashley. They couldnít build Rollins vs. Lesnar properly because Seth was on the mend.

Sasha and Bayley are getting pushed again. Thatís a big plus. All of the Four Horsewomen are inaugural champions.

Didnít care for Ronda flubbing her lines. That angle is moving along nicely at any rate.

Then thereís Batistaís return. That in itself isnít a negative, but Triple H used Ric Flairís birthday celebration to build up his own match. Iím all for swerves, this was a good one, but donít feed your mentor to the wolves. Itís classic Triple H. So insecure and siphoning someone elseís heat for his own ends.

Now, the return of Roman Reigns is the biggest high point right now. He says heíll inspire others to keep fighting, and he should.

And here I was hoping that some of you would put your venom aside.

To all of you crying ďitís a workĒ, this is a new level of pathetic. You hate Roman that badly so you wanna poison everyone into spewing more venom at him. Those who were relentless in their senseless loathing were suddenly backpedaling when the news broke, acting like you only hated his booking, like you were drawing a line between man and character. Bullshit.

Letís say it was a work. First, WWE has their charity work: Susan G Komen, Make-A-Wish, and their own Connorís Cure are cancer charities. It would damage their image bad. Imagine how John Cena would react with how many cancer patients heís visited. Second, both USA and Fox would take their money elsewhere. Their sponsors would drop them in a second. Third, no one would ever trust Reigns again. Fourth, it is very possible to recover from leukemia in four months if it was treated early. Finally, thereís no way it could stay a secret.

Cut the salt from your diets people. Weíll all be better off.

Donít mess with the X.

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