The X-Factor: Don’t apologize for success
Submitted by Victor Mariscal on 02/17/2019 at 12:42 AM

With WrestleMania coming, I got to thinking about who’s closed out the big daddy of all PPV events the most, and their win-loss records there.

Surprising no one, Hulk Hogan holds the record with 8 ‘Mania main events with a record of 8-3 and 1 draw. Right behind him is Triple H with 7. Yeah, I’m sure his marriage and ego have nothing to do with it. Shockingly so, he stands at 9-13.

The only other members of the WrestleMania Five-Timers club are Shawn Michaels (6-11), The Rock (5-5), and John Cena (10-4).

The meat and bones in this post have been in my head since Super Bowl LIII.

The Patriots are hated by some for a specific reason: they win so much. They just won the Vince Lombardi trophy for the sixth time. Fans don’t like them as a dynasty because other teams aren’t getting their turn in the spotlight. So, does that mean Tom Brady isn’t the G.O.A.T.? Does he have to apologize for his six rings? They’re not allowed to win anymore? You wouldn’t stop winning and you know it. That’s what the game is.

What was Becky Lynch before Shawn Michaels gave her that career-changing advice? Contrite for her success, that’s what. Talking to HBK changed that and now she’s the hottest star in wrestling.

All this has me thinking about the success Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, and John Cena had. Anyone else would give their left arm to have their spot. You’ve got to have ambition in the industry or you’re not gonna make it. Becky learned that, and she’s on the verge of being the first woman headliner at WrestleMania. Her and two others, but you get my point.

Would you make someone apologize for their vast success? Lord knows people wanted John Cena to do so for all those he supposedly held down. He said it himself in 2017: if Cena was really the dirty rat people think he is, he would’ve closed the show against the Undertaker instead of being wasted in a Mixed tag match with a payoff that didn’t go anywhere. Did you forget he got squashed by the Undertaker the next year? What about SummerSlam ‘14?

Cena was perceived to be standing in the way of more deserving talent. That’s why fans turned on Ronda Rousey. And in 2015, who was hated for 4 years for standing in Daniel Bryan’s way?

Roman Reigns doesn’t owe you an “I’m sorry” either.

Imagine our surprise when Charlotte leapfrogged Reigns’ dislikes on YouTube. To put it in perspective, the “This is my yard” vid has a Like / Dislike ratio of 1/ 1.22 (31k - 38k). The clip of Charlotte replacing Lynch: 1 /2.73 (26k - 71k).

I was a big Power Rangers fan in the 90’s. There was a 2-parter in ‘94 which brought the Tommy Oliver back. You know him right, the O.G. Green Ranger? The Rangers willingly gave up their powers to rescue their parents from captivity. Except the villains didn’t keep their word, and I was pissed. They got their parents and powers back, a victory that was sweeter because of that double-cross. That was the first time I truly hated a bad guy in any TV show.

Now, people think it was unbecoming of The Man to say “I’m sorry”, but I don’t think so. Both her friend and rival told her it wasn’t worth it to sacrifice a women’s milestone for the sake of her pride. She lost her title match anyway. It’s easy to see what they’re doing.

I suppose you want Charlotte to back out now. She’s on the verge of making history. Would you give that up?

To the hardcores and their fantasy booking, I say this. If you want a show that caters to you and only you, watch NXT. Go watch the overhyped AEW when it debuts. WWE didn’t reach Attitude Era level numbers by avoiding the casual fans. If they did, Raw and Smackdown would be held in arena theaters meant for 3,000 people.

You’re gonna watch WrestleMania no matter what closes the show. No point in denying it.

Don’t mess with the X.

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