Wrestle Review: Chambermates
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 02/15/2019 at 10:41 PM

#RIP Pedro Morales.

The Becky Lynch saga is the most compelling storyline on Raw. Vince "suspending" her and taking her out of WrestleMania is an interesting turn. Obviously she's not really out of WrestleMania. That would be absurd. I'd say we end up with Ronda vs Charlotte vs Becky. If you really wanted a definitive winner, make it an elimination match. I bet we just get the triple threat, though.

I can't believe I'm saying this given how hot his career was just a few months ago but.... WWE is cooling me off on Braun Stroman. Remember back when he was in the Universal title picture? It really wasn't too long ago. Now he's in a tag feud with Kurt Angle vs Corbin and McIntyre. I'm wondering if they don't give us Kurt, Braun and Fin vs Drew, Baron and Lashley.

We have Elimination Chamber Sunday and I'm here for the Chamber matches. Especially since Kofi is in for an injured Mustafa Ali. Yes, Ali would've been great. You know, however, he was not walking out with that title. I'm not saying his replacement, Kofi, will. He won't. I'm thinking he gets a Seth Rollins-style push, though.

The cruiserweight championship match on the kickoff show is as predictable as Thanksgiving always being on a Thursday. Well, it seems that way lately. Murphy retains over former champion Tozawa. Braun Strowman will lose a no disqualification match with Baron Corbin. I think that because, I believe Braun gets jumped and Kurt comes to the rescue. This will set up Kurt and Braun vs Corbin and Drew at Mania I assume. Although, Fastlane comes before Mania, doesn't it? So many events!

Lashley and Rush in a handicap Intercontinental Championship match against Fin Balor should result in, sorry to say, another Balor defeat. I say Lashley does the damage and Rush gets the pin. They should give Fin the title. Maybe at WrestleMania.

Shane and Miz defending the tag titles against the Uso's got a little more interesting with the news of Jimmy's arrest after allegedly squaring up with the cops. He was released and I assume the match is still a go. I'm expecting a tongue-in-cheek Uso penitentiary joke or two(or three) Sunday night. Well, maybe if Lawler was on commentary..... Shane and Miz can't lose their first defense, right? I don't think they will.

Ronda Rousey vs Ruby Riot for the Raw women's championship is basically a WrestleMania stop-gap. Nobody thinks Ruby is winning that title. I mean, they aren't even giving Ruby a real shot when they talk on Raw. I don't either. She might keep it competitive for a bit but Ronda retains.

The inaugural women's tag team champions will be crowned when six teams will step inside the elimination chamber and battle it out. I cannot wait for this match! I think it comes down to Boss & Hug and Mandy and Sonya. I see Sasha and Bayley becoming the first ever women's tag champs. Now, my question is when will Sasha turn on Bayley? Do they pull a Seth and Dean where Dean turned right after they won the tag titles? Or does it happen in a defense? At any rate, I pick Boss & Hug to make history Sunday.

Daniel Bryan steps in the elimination chamber to defend his eco-friendly WWE title against Joe, Orton, Styles, Jeff Hardy and Kofi Kingston. Kofi won a gauntlet to replace Mustafa Ali this past Tuesday. These chamber matches are wild. I'd love Kofi to emerge from this thing as the WWE Champion. He deserves it. He won't, though. Bryan will retain, whether it be thanks to Erick Rowan or he does it on his own. I do think that Kofi gets another shot, though. I say there's a battle royal or some type of #1 contender match Tuesday night or at Fastlane. Maybe then Kofi gets his big WrestleMania shot. I can at least hope. I mean, I hope Kofi wins Sunday but.....

There you have it, my Elimination Chamber predictions. Only thing missing is the Universal title. But hey, we're used to that...

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