Wrestle Review: Headed to the Chamber
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 02/08/2019 at 11:59 PM

Dean Ambrose vs Nia Jax is being promoted for a live event. I'm really not sure how to take that news. I was thinking about the whole "I'm the first to compete in a Rumble" lie that Nia dropped Monday. Vince really does think the fans are idiots who don't remember history, doesn't he? Just because he wants to erase Chyna from history and memory doesn't mean we have, Vinnie.

As I'm writing this, Impact Wrestling is in progress. LAX vs Lucha Brothers is advertised and I assume is the main event. Well, since the Lucha's were introduced at AEW this past week, I figured the Lucha's were losing. Then I remembered these shows are taped weeks in advance. And what a match it was! Kudos to both teams.

When Stephanie McMahon "suspended" Becky Lynch on Raw, I thought "Oh geez, I'm afraid I know where this is going". Now, they could make Steph/Becky the Vince/Stone Cold of 2019, as I'm pegging them to do. This means, in all probability, that we will sometime see Stephanie McMahon as the Raw women's Champion. I would hope she just picks a representative but, hey, her brother is a tag champion so.....

Random thoughts: if Daniel Bryan actually retains in a few weeks in the chamber(which he probably should since he's the hot heel), who does he defend against at WrestleMania?

I'm sure general consensus after seeing EC3 quickly put away Dean Ambrose is "oh, he's sure leaving WWE now". News flash: just because a guy is booked to lose and give shine to a newer talent for that company, it doesn't necessarily mean the one who lost is on their way out.

The next week will definitely be volatile in the world of wrestling. Where will we stand next week as it pertains to the road to WrestleMania? What happens on Raw? SmackDown? What about Impact? We shall see as it all unfolds.

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