Jay's Ways - Most Underrated Of 2018
Submitted by Justin Watry on 01/25/2019 at 11:16 PM

In my previous column, I ranked the top five female wrestlers of the year. This time...

Most Under Rated Of 2018

5. Becky Lynch
4. Asuka
3. Sanity
2. Shelton Benjamin

1. Bobby Roode - Becky Lynch should have been dominating all year. Imagine them in the Womens Title picture and NOT the likes of Carmella and Nia Jax. Glad things are finally on track with them. Sanity, I do not really care for Eric Young, but the faction has potential. Let them loose a little bit. Run wild on Smackdown LIVE. Why not? What do you have to lose really? Hoping Nikki Cross comes in soon and gives them a boost. Same for Shelton Benjamin - give the guy something to do. He popped a balloon backstage on New Year's Day. That was his most relevant moment. Not good. He was brought back into the company for a reason, right? My most underrated is Bobby Roode. He has it all and could be mixing it up with Drew McIntyre, Finn Balor, Dolph Ziggler, and Seth Rollins on a weekly basis. The tag team with Chad Gable is fine for now. However, I am not going to lie. I expected his move to the red brand would have netted more. Much more.

What award would you like to see next?

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