The X-Factor: The 2018 Awards
Submitted by Victor Mariscal on 01/15/2019 at 06:47 PM

To say that this was the worst year for WWE since 1995 is overstating it, but not by much. Really makes you wonder why the ratings never sunk that low when John Cena was the main event.

We can blame this guy or that guy, but what’s done is done. I was gonna say more, but let’s just jump into it.

PPV of the Year
Winner: Evolution

For all the flak the Bellas take, they both delivered on this night, not that the haters will ever admit it. Ronda Rousey of course brought it.

The rest of the night was good, except for one spot. Damn it Alicia, you had one big job that night. To think they fired Emma and kept Foxy.

About the battle royal, who would’ve believed that Ivory would be the last surviving legend? You’d think Michelle McCool given who she’s married to. And Nia Jax? She went from “You deserve it” to being the most hated woman ever just 15 days later.

What was considered the true main event in the eyes of the smarks ramped it up big time. Charlotte and Becky showed everyone why they’re the best.

A surprisingly solid show that delivered. You noticed they created a unique atmosphere that night, but it may have been more about convenience than anything else.

Runner-up: WrestleMania 34
Come on people, it’s WrestleMania.

It was by default the biggest show but this one wasn’t quite as important in 2018.

Worst angle of the year – 2 way tie
“Winner”: Sasha and Bayley’s Team Hell No redux

Did Bayley say no to breast implants and this is her punishment? They had the chance to build up to a killer match at any of the Big Four this year. If Dr. Shelby couldn’t save this one, you know it sucked.

2nd “Winner”: Boring Corbin
The smarks cried burial when John Cena defeated him in Brooklyn. Now they’re thinking, “too bad it wasn’t a squash”. The ratings never tanked that badly when Reigns was getting pushed. I don’t think it was right to put 100% of the blame on Corbin, but damn man. It made for insufferable TV.

Most Underrated Superstar
Winner: Carmella

Say what you will about her feuds with Charlotte and Asuka, but Carmella has been improving over time. So what if she’s not a Horsewoman, a 2nd-gen wrestler, or an indy darling. The haters who trash her probably check out her Instagram to see her bikini pics. I do too, I’ll own it.

I kinda like the dance breaks.

Most Overrated Superstar
Winner: Bobby Lashley

Yeah, not even pairing him with Lio Rush has done him too many favors in my mind. Lashley came in with a boatload of hype, but his return only wound up exposing him. He just isn’t that interesting to me.

Superstar who got a bad rap they didn’t deserve
Winner: Brie Bella

Everyone can make their excuses about her bad skills, her ring rust, but people like me know the truth. The haters just don’t like her and used the Liv Morgan incident as an excuse to bully her. Her husband put it well: there was never so much backlash when he injured someone.

People actually celebrated when John Cena’s nose was broken. If Rollins had concussed anyone now, would you be up his ass the same way as Brie?

Most shocking moment
Winner: “My name is Joe…” / Roman Reigns’ leukemia (WWE Raw – October 22, 2018)

It’s the announcement no one should ever have to make, and one that nobody ever wants to hear.

For four years the hate train just kept on rolling. The smarks wouldn’t give him any quarter no matter what he did right.

It only takes one sentence to change everything.

Reigns is gonna beat this thing and it will be the greatest comeback story of all time.

Runner-up: Daniel Bryan’s heel turn / WWE Title win
He couldn’t have picked a better place to return. Bryan made his comeback in the same arena he headlined in four years before. Sadly his next big feuds failed to deliver.

It says something that someone so loved by the crowds just turns into a self-righteous dick-head that’s easy to hate.

Breakout star of 2018
Winner: Drew McIntyre

An imposing heel who hits the right notes. He was Vince McMahon’s “Chosen one” the last time, and now again.

2018 blew creatively speaking. The Scottish psychopath has come out of it looking like a million bucks.

Female Superstar of the Year
SD Winner: Becky Lynch

As if it could be anyone else.

It’s funny when you think about it. They framed her big push with a heel turn. There were two things wrong with it: Charlotte is a more natural heel; and Becky is just too lovable.

The November 12 Raw, when she stood in the crowd with blood on her face, was the moment she became a mega-star. It mirrored Stone Cold Steve Austin’s moment at WrestleMania 13.

Raw Winner: Ronda Rousey
She was a longtime fan, paying tribute to her mentor by reputation the moment she arrived. How many can say they debuted at WrestleMania AND tore the house down all at once? She also humiliated Stephanie and that was a big plus.

Could she be the first woman to headline WrestleMania? Still gotta wait three months to know that answer.

Male Superstar of the Year
SD Winner: AJ Styles

Again, it just couldn’t be anyone else.

Without question, he was the reason why Smackdown is the superior show. While his feud with Nakamura wasn’t the scene-stealer smart fans thought it would be, it was still far ahead of the draining B.S. we got from Corbin.

His rivalry with Samoa Joe was a great angle. We watch TV shows and movies where the villain crosses the line and involves the hero’s family. Joe is a terrific heel, and Styles was the best babyface to feud with him.

Raw Winner: Seth Rollins
I was there for Raw on 2.19.2018. I thought he would’ve at least gotten one pin. A lot of minds were blown when he defeated both Roman Reigns and John Cena in the same night. He’s gotten wins over both of them before, but back-to-back!?

Without question, the Architect is the best and most consistent all-rounder in WWE, save for AJ and Bryan.

Match of the Year
WWE Evolution
SD Women’s Championship
Last Man Standing
Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch (C)

Not just a milestone in women’s wrestling, but the entire business. The idea of women headlining a PPV – let alone WrestleMania – was once unthinkable. Counting NXT, there have been four women’s main events at major shows with seven women total, including the Four Horsewomen.

This was a fun match in general, but one that had you worrying about Charlotte and Becky given they’re not used to this much violence.

Well, there you go.

I will be at the 2019 Royal Rumble. It’s the biggest show I’ve ever been to!!

Don’t mess with the X.

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