Wrestle Review: Unexpected Gift
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 01/12/2019 at 01:07 AM

Got an unexpected surprise last weekend when I was one of the winners of a @WrestlingInc run contest where the prize was a link to watch Homecoming for free on FiteTV. I thought it was a pretty solid show. It was my first real Impact ppv. I watched tons of those Wednesday night $9.99 events when the company was first starting and was TNA Wrestling.

I do have a couple of issues, however, with Impact. Tonight was their debut on Pursuit. Yes, I had to look up the location of the channel on Dish. It's an outdoors channel. That doesn't exactly scream wrestling to me. Also, it's in standard definition. It hurt my eyes just watching it. They're doing pretty good with advancing some of their feuds, though. And I wonder how the Rich Swann/Sami Callahan thing is going to progress?

Switching to WWE, I'm actually a little intrigued to see where they take this Shane/Miz team. They're not actually going to win the Smackdown tag titles at Royal Rumble are they? At least it'll give Miz a title again if they do win. Then you have the inevitable split and Shane vs Miz at some point, right? Either way this goes should be pretty entertaining. How can it not be? Miz is involved.

The Raw matches signed for the Rumble so far are Brock and Braun for the milk carton title aka have you seen this belt? Also, we have Ronda Rousey vs Sasha Banks for the Raw women's title. Smackdown's women's title match consists of Becky Lynch vs Asuka. I won't dive into predictions this week. I'll save that for a few weeks.

Who jumps ship from WWE and Impact to AEW? Aside from the originals at the first signing, we can only assume by people at the rally that their roster will include some heavy hitters. One for sure is Chris Jericho. I wonder if he gets in the WWE hall of fame since he's now working with the upstart? I mean, we know how petty the McMahon's can be.

More big news for AEW: looks like Jim Ross could be the voice of the new company. He has denied reports, as ringside news reports, because he's still under contract with WWE until the end of March He's apparently not re-signing and is no longer with New Japan. Looks like all signs point to AEW.

That's it for me for the week. I'll be back next week when we're a week closer to the Royal Rumble and (hopefully) a week closer to more AEW news(a tv deal?)

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