Wrestle Review: My Wrestling Wishlist
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 12/21/2018 at 10:07 PM

As we're heading towards Christmas, I figured it appropriate to share my wrestling wish list. The first thing I wish for is a present Universal Champion. Braun gets his title shot against Brock at the Royal Rumble. I fear, however, that Braun once again comes up short-likely thanks to Corbin and company. That leaves the winner of the Royal Rumble.

My wish for Paige is exactly what they promised Tuesday, a new position. Don't just say it, though. I would hope they stick to it. Another wish is that they don't do another bomb like Crown Jewel. I understand giving other countries a pay-per-view quality event. That's great. What wasn't great, however, is that mess of a show. Don't even get me started on Greatest Royal Rumble.

It's too late. I'm going to talk about it. I mean, Braun won the match, the big belt but to what end? The same could be said about the best in the world tournament that same night. What I'm saying is: can we just forget that event happened?
I do commend them for trying to make something out of Shane winning Best in the World. That's another joke, by the way: a shot at CM Punk. The funny thing is, that guy doesn't waste his time with what WWE thinks of him. Why do they waste their time?

I do a year-end awards column in my other column called the Big Dummy Awards. I'd say Vince would win one for that debacle. I'm glad WWE got through with the Baron Corbin as GM garbage this year. I do wonder how long until all the McMahon's turn heel, though.

My wish for NXT is to stay awesome. They really are far and away better than Raw or Smackdown. Today I was watching this week's episode and thought to myself: "this is like WWE used to be. Why is the main roster not as good"? You could ask that question. Or, you could just enjoy whatever product you want to enjoy.

This week was week one of Impact Wrestling's "Best Of" episodes. One of the matches involved Bobby Lashley. It's not far-fetched to say it's my opinion he should've stayed at Impact. Yeah, I'm sure he's making more money now. When he was in Impact, however, he at one point had every singles championship. In WWE? Well, he was last seen showing us his ass. That's a career downgrade if you ask me. It seems odd to say a guy should've stayed at Impact but with Lashley, that's the case.

I'm not sure what 2019 holds for WWE, Impact Wrestling, ROH or New Japan. It will definitely be fun to watch and see. Will we see some more ROH guys make the jump to NXT-WWE? We shall see.

Everybody have a Merry Christmas!

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