Will we see a change in WWE's creative direction?
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You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink -- and in this case, Vince McMahon is the horse.

We have to keep in mind that, tragically, Vince McMahon was a victim of sexual abuse as a child. He would engage in endless street fights as a teenager, acted out violently, and was eventually sent to military school, where he was allegedly court-martialed for a prank involving dog shit.

This is a man that continues to rib staff and on-air talent long after his military prank, has a fetish for the exploitation of little people, has a history of incredible misogyny, and to this day, still thinks pee-jokes are funny.

Vince McMahon never truly grew up.

So are we supposed to believe that this now 73-year-old man, who still trots out cross-dressers, little people, and urination as "entertainment", is going to finally understand why fans prefer the simplicity of two athletes telling a story in the ring over third grade toilet humor?

I'm not buying it.

Let's ignore the fact that the likely catalyst behind this change isn't so much that ratings are down, but that said ratings are making the product look bad -- which in turn agitates investors -- which in turn could take money off of the table for McMahon's XFL reboot.

Let's say McMahon actually wants the product to turn around. What would truly have to change? In my humble opinion, only three things:

1) Vince McMahon publicly, (and privately) steps down from creative control.

2) New writers, NOT from a background in writing soap operas, are hired.

3) The Universal Championship is taken off of Brock Lesnar immediately.

These three very bold moves would signal that the ship is truly setting a different course, and perhaps finally listening to their fans.

Sunday's TLC is a true test to see how creative could fare in new waters, but I fear it would be more of the same. There are no rules to pay-per-views, (are we still calling them that?) and nothing stopping McMahon from calling out the Universal Champion to force him to defend said title, only to lose it to a fan-favorite like Rollins or Balor.

Furthermore, if you want ratings to increase for Monday, a well-booked TLC show that actually sends the internet wrestling community into a bit of a frenzy is a sure-fire way to get people to tune in on Monday.

In comparison, while Smackdown has been the better-booked brand as of late, and the recent character changes of Becky Lynch and Daniel Bryan have been the show's saving grace, there is still talent being wasted, and a slew of uninspiring segments that take up way too much time before anything worth watching occurs.

There are booking faults on both shows, and Sunday will be the ultimate indicator if Vince McMahon finally grows up, or sits in his low-brow style of entertainment until the day he dies. History tends to be the best indicator of the future, and when it comes to WWE Creative, history shows that logical booking, strong story-telling, and pushing talent that fans care about isn't usually in the cards for the flagship shows.

In short, you may want to keep your pants on.

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