The "Three I's" of WWE Writers
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If you head over to the WWE's corporate website, you'll see that they are hiring for an Assistant Writer. Unfortunately, the entire team responsible for Monday Night Raw needs to be scrapped, and they should be really looking for a large amount of new writing talent.

Kurt Angle had the "Three I's" -- Well, the current staff of WWE writers have their own: Incompetence, Ignorance, and Inconsideration.

When Seth Rollins aired out the "fans" grievances on Monday night, it was in actuality a pitiful and public continuation of the ultimate dismissal of these fans -- a cycle long repeated by officials who has historically put profit before people.

Quite frankly, without a show anchor like Reigns, Lesnar, and Cena, WWE writers simply have no idea what to do anymore -- and that's a desperately sad testament to how daunting the wrestling bubble continues to be, and how stubborn the brass in charge truly are.

Seth Rollins is the true world champion of Raw -- as the word "Intercontinental" technically means the same thing as "world" or "global". While Lesnar is ironically and laughably "champion" of the WWE Universe, Rollins holds what could be argued as a World Championship. However, even Seth Rollins cannot save Raw from continuous terrible writing.

To cover this up, writers have simply acted as if this was their plan all along -- for ratings to take a large dip because Baron Corbin is in charge. They blame "ridiculous" Lucha House Party segments, the burial of The Revival, and the absence of Brock Lesnar, who will go down as the most non-fighting champion in wrestling history.

This is proof that not only do WWE management actually know what the fans want, but that they do not know how to do anything about it until their mistakes are dangled in front of their faces.

How does a multi-billion dollar company, with reach across the globe, and five weekly shows, fail so hard at consistently good writing on their flagship products?

Is their complacency a product of zero competition, knowing that boring show after boring show will matter none, as fans will keep tuning in because that's the only large-scale wrestling show on television?

Are they banking on our $10 a month so that NXT, NXT:UK, and 205 Live will keep critics distracted enough not to care about Raw and Smackdown?

Or do they simply just not have good writers?

It's a mix of all of the above, and quite frankly, as a Communications Major with a Minor in Writing, I can tell you emphatically that the downward spiral of the show's quality, more so than ever, is due to one outstanding factor.

The writers are incompetent, ignorant, and inconsiderate of their own fans.

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