The Cure for Insanity
Submitted by The High Spot on 11/28/2018 at 05:27 PM

By J.D. Bachman

We are fresh off the heels of what many consider to be the worst Raw of 2018, and a very average Smackdown.

Insanity is cyclical. So is mediocrity.

Why, as wrestling fans, do we continue to watch WWE programming every week as if there's hope that they would actually give the majority of fans what they want?

After Roman Reigns' tragic announcement, WWE Creative could have put the strap on a number of deserving talents: Finn Balor, Drew McIntyre, Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose -- hell, Curt Hawkins would even be a senseless but welcomed change.

Instead they put it back on Brock Lesnar, who was previously criticized for not being a fighting champion, EVEN THOUGH, they just put over Reigns as a fighting champion, as if that's what they think the fans wanted. (We do)

Raw, and much of Smackdown with a few exceptions, has become a directionless, emotionless, confusing, illogical, repetitive product.

However, we continue to watch, or at the least invest and keep up with what's going on, in hopes that perhaps something worth paying attention to will pique our interests again.

It won't happen. We need to stop endorsing the insanity by no longer endorsing the equivalent of wrestling garbage.

Stop watching. Stop paying attention. (Even YouTube clips) Cancel your WWE Network subscriptions, and pick up Hulu for your 205 Live and NXT fix. (They currently have special holiday deals!) -- Try to disregard WWE Programming entirely.

If All Elite Wrestling becomes a reality, (Because let's face it, Impact Wrestling and Lucha Underground will never be true competition) and they develop a passionate, emotionally driven, wrestling-packed product, fans like you and me WILL TUNE IN. We will simply stop caring about what is on WWE Programming. The constant f***ery that is WWE Raw will no longer bother us.

We have been trained as wrestling fans to expect 6 hours of wrestling a week. I would settle with one really good hour of wrestling over 6 below-average hours of wrestling every week.

It will happen again. It happened to the WWF in the early 90s when the product lost touch with their audience and became stagnant, and fans started to tune out due to apathy.

It is only when this happens, and subscriptions drop, and house show sales continue to drop, and revenue starts to go down, that MAYBE, just maybe they wise up and start to turn the total product in the direction of what NXT and 205 Live looks like.

So for the sake of your own practiced insanity, stop watching the product.

The McMahons count on your continued loyal insanity for profit. They continue to take your money while they insult your intelligence week after week.

Stop it.

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