The 3 No-No's
Submitted by LoneLee on 11/24/2018 at 02:30 PM

We live in a highly offended era…it seems like I say that every week. Sad, but it’s true. Only, it gets to a point where something is referenced or directly acted out and even I can’t stand it anymore.

Thinking back to the days when racist remarks or personal attack of character were a norm in professional wrestling. Transitioning to the overly risqué Attitude era of the 90s. Then it all went PG. Maybe we’re finally finding balance in wrestling as well as society. WWE lately, is causing me to rethink that statement. Disgustingly capitalizing on Roman Reigns’ real-life battle with a leukemia. Using the death of Jim Neidhart in a throw away storyline. Stephanie McMahon referring to “dismemberment” just weeks removed from the Crown Jewel/Saudi Arabia controversy. Maybe worse of all would be Dean Ambrose denouncing the surrounding smell while in a state being ravaged by wildfires. Being a California native, that one made me more than a bit uncomfortable.

Could it be considered cheap heat or very unnecessary domineering? WWE is no stranger to pushing things to far. I see a lot of lists on the internet of moments when WWE went too far. Rather than that, I want to touch on 3 subjects that should be best left unglorified, for any exploitation whatsoever, in negative or positive regard.

1. Death or illness. Referencing that Roman is getting what he deserved. Horrible. Do they forget children from the Make-A-Wish Foundation watch these shows religiously? Reigns’ battle with leukemia isn’t the first time the company has taken advantage of a real-life situation and used it to further a storyline. Randy Orton vehemently stating a suddenly deceased Eddie Guerrero was in hell. CM Punk playing catch with an urn used to represent the departed Paul Bearer. Perhaps even more unsettling was their inclusion of miscarriage in storyline. If the Terri Runnels incident felt so crass and received a lot of negative back lash then why did they revisit it years later with Lita??? Thankfully, I don’t see a negative portrayal of women in that respect as the company moves forward. By the way, do you think they’re finally done making fun of JR.’s illness. I shudder to think how they would treat cerebral palsy wrestler Gregory Iron.

2. Racial Stereotypes. I shouldn’t even have to list this but sadly it continues. Wasn’t it ironic for a company to release Hulk Hogan for something that had happened years prior but have the WWE champion at the time, the company representative more or less, make senseless derogatory remarks about Shinsuke Nakamura? Wasn’t Vince McMahon’s use of the N-word hilarious??? That Cryme Tyme gimmick made them so much money! Is the company still even working with Be A Star anymore? Occurrences or gimmicks like these aren’t nearly as commonplace in the last several years, yet the pop up from time to time and I have a feeling they will continue.

3. Dangerous bumps. This one isn’t so much a concern of morality as much as it is a cry for common sense. Nor is it limited to WWE. Seeing David Arquette take a nearly fatal shot from a light tube should be a wake-up call to the hardcore enthusiasts. I might be old-school, but I don’t see anything aside from the occasional steel chair, table, or ladder if at all necessary in an anything goes match. This goes for shenanigans like the Concrete Jungle Death match at this year’s Bound for Glory PPV. Every bump was a gasp from the crowd for the wrong reason. And can all promotions please refrain from doing high impact moves on the apron?

Sorry if I sound like a nagging mother this week. As a wrestling fan, I truly admire everything performers do to put on the best show possible. I would like them to continue doing so for numerous years. Eliminate these 3 subjects from the muscle soap opera we immerse ourselves into and we can enjoy and appreciate it unconditionally. What, if anything, would you say is going too far?

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