THS: 7 Reasons why the WWE needs Seasons
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By J.D. Bachman

On Monday, in an obviously unscripted moment, Nia Jax broke the literal face of Becky Lynch. This unfortunate accident will lead to Becky Lynch missing Survivor Series, replacing her now with Charlotte to take on an impressive, but still very green Ronda Rousey.

Consider this: If the WWE wasn't in a rush to consistently bring up talent from NXT to fill hours upon hours of television 52 weeks a year, would have they had the urge to bring Nia to the main roster years ago when she clearly wasn't ready?

I like Nia Jax, but I knew when she was called up that they did so too soon. To this day, she still isn't a polished main roster talent, and this isn't the first time she has caused an injury like this.

In the same ironic vein, Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch's former opponent, has now potentially put Alexa Bliss out for months with concussions stemming from their last match.

Also, Brie Bella, and Jinder Mahal deserve a mention of those who recklessly potatoed their opponents.

The solution to this? SEASONS.

In any sport, you have a season, and an off-season. It makes sense, as humans need rest after strenuous activities. Hell, most, if not all football players will suffer from some level of CTE, and their season only lasts four months, excluding the playoffs.

Imagine if the WWE "Season" started at Summerslam, and ended with Wrestlemania? That's three months of down-time. Would it work? What are the advantages?

Luckily, you're still reading this column, and I'm about to tell you.

#1 - Healthier Wrestlers

-This one is painfully obvious. Not only will this protect the physical health of wrestlers who will get a literal break, but their mental health as well. Months off would be crucial, and would save a lot of years on the lives of our favorite superstars.

In addition, rested wrestlers are wrestlers who aren't making mistakes, and legitimately knocking out their counterparts.

#2 - Better Programming

-With a shorter TV schedule to focus on, it can be argued that not only would WWE management want to pack a punch in what time they have, but potentially give their very best, as programming wouldn't be so watered-down. A focus would shift from QUANTITY, where it currently is now, to QUALITY. I would love to see what WWE writers come up with after an extended break from television, as coming up with material for 2 shows a week for 52 weeks for five hours a week, has greatly dropped the quality of the show.

#3 - WWE Network Boost

-So what will wrestling fans do when they don't have a weekly show for potentially months? Log into the endless amount of content on the network. The WWE can even offer exclusive off-season specials, documentaries, or even smaller shows with low-mid card talents, or performance center talents. This works especially with...

#4 - NXT/NXT UK/205 Live Push

-This is ample time to push NXT, 205 Live, and NXT UK. Since this is somewhat developmental, and their schedule isn't as hectic, you can literally have NXT year-round. You can possibly even move NXT to two-hours in this time frame, and either keep it as a network exclusive for a higher cost, or possibly throw it on the USA Network for a few months. Either way, it's a win-win for fans of the brand, which leads to the next benefit:

#5 - Better Superstar Development

-As mentioned, I think Nia Jax would have benefited in NXT for another year. Instead, needing space to fill, they rushed her to the main roster when she clearly wasn't ready. This goes for a number of superstars that haven't achieved the success they had in NXT. (Apollo Crews, The Revivial, Jordan/Gable, to name a few)

With more time to develop, the next wave of NXT talent could easily be ready for the big stage without question.

#6 - Indies Competition

-Without a main show every week, this would actually create competition as fans may look into other promotions to fill their wrestling needs, such as Ring of Honor, Lucha Underground, Impact Wrestling, and New Japan. While this seems like a bad idea to Vince, who wants desperately to keep other Indies promotions down -- competition truly benefits everyone. The next Indies star could be born in this gap of WWE programming, and who knows, they may be pulled away by the WWE and turned into the next big thing. The possibilities are endless, here.

#7 - The Anticipation

-After one to three months of WWE programming absent from your television, you know damn well you would tune in for the first episode of Raw in what would seem like ages. The anticipation mixed with potentially better and well-crafted storylines, along with well-rested talent, could lay the groundwork for some of the best WWE programming in years, if not decades.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and in this case, it's no different.

*The Reality*

Of course, the reality is that the WWE is a corporate machine that likes to make lots of money. They have no true reason to slow down the machine unless it benefits them financially. While the concept of seasons could lead to profit with raised ticket prices and network subscriptions, it's hard to say if it would make the company more money, which in the end, is why Vince McMahon wakes up in the morning.

Even with a quality product with rested talent, and a better public image, I never actually see this happening, but it's the solution that the WWE desperately needs to save face as what has been an embarrassment of a company as of late, both in product quality and public relations.

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