An Unpopular Opinion But... #6
Submitted by Tom O'Hare on 11/04/2018 at 12:39 PM

Baron Corbin is revelling in his role as acting general manager of Monday night Raw.

In this week’s edition where this writer gives what he perceives to be an unpopular opinion among wrestling fans, I’m going to look at why I believe Baron Corbin is shining as the current authority figure on WWE’s A-Show.

Like many others, I believe the role of general manager/commissioner/standard-name-given-to-said-authority-figure is very much stale in 2018 & does more harm than good to the product in general. So when the one time Andre the Giant memorial battle royal winner was appointed the latest general manager, it was met with skepticism by myself & I’m sure many others. I was lukewarm to the idea of Baron Corbin becoming an integral figure on a 3 hour show, largely in part because his run prior to this had been nothing short of disappointing & disinteresting.

Slowly, surely & gradually I have become more & more impressed with the Lone Wolf’s work on the microphone over the last few weeks of television & his ability to elicit a level of heel heat that one could argue not many possess on either Monday or Tuesday night’s. Not only this but at 6 ft 8 & 275 lbs, he cuts an intimidating figure who could quite easily back up his words should push come to shove.

In a prior instalment of this very column ( I wrote about why I believed Dolph Ziggler is currently out of place on the roster due to the fact he has very seldom managed to evolve his character & thus has remained in a set position on television for as long as he has. The reason I bring this to the forefront is that while Baron Corbin may not “steal the show” by performing suicide dives on a weekly basis, his strength is very much driven by his work as a character which I believe has put him in the good graces of Vince McMahon & thus enabled him to receive a somewhat prominent role every single week.

Simply put Baron Corbin is a heel that people enjoy booing & whom they long to see receive his come uppance, which he often has & I’m sure will continue to do (most likely at the hands of Braun Strowman).

I guess you could say Baron Corbin is gonna;
(And I’ll be there enjoying every moment of it).

My name is Tom O’Hare & this has been my unpopular opinion. Thank you for reading.

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