Jay's Ways - WWE Evolution Preview
Submitted by Justin Watry on 10/28/2018 at 05:51 PM

This is it. All the months of hype and anticipation. We're here. I am VERY excited for WWE Evolution and fully expect the women to crush it. Despite the nitpicking over the bouts set, WWE has gone all out with this pay-per-view. In the New York market, Last Woman Standing Match, Ronda Rousey vs. Nikki Bella for the mainstream appeal, NXT stars making a rare main roster showing, USA Network special on Monday night, multiple legends returning, and something like 6 or 7 hours of LIVE WWE Network content on October 28th. Yeah, clearly a big push. Let's take a look at the card.

Battle Royal For Title Shot - My gut tells me a legend or NXT star wins. I didn't care when Naomi won the WrestleMania battle royal in April, so I am kinda hoping it is NOT a current star. If it is, PLEASE do something with it. Don't waste this moment. Asuka is my prediction if I had to give a name...

Mae Young Classic Finals - Oh my, oh my. I liked this tournament more than last year's. For those who forget, last year was given to us in binge form on WWE Network. Not the best way to handle it in my opinion. Every Wednesday night I tell my girlfriend that Toni Storm is the star of the tournament and will win it all. Nothing against the rest of the field or her Evolution opponent Io Shirai. No doubt either girl would be worthy of the trophy. Just going to go with Toni here. Might be match of the night.

NXT Womens Title - Pretty straight forward if you ask me. Kairi Sane retains, and Shayna Baszler takes one step closer to the main roster. I am NOT saying she will be called up Monday or Tuesday of next week. What I am saying is that Sane has time left in NXT. Baszler...not so much.

Riott Squad VS Sasha Banks, Bayley, & Natalya - It is tough. Lots of faces could end up winning at this PPV. I am going with Riott Squad just for that fact. Gotta get some love to the heels at some point. No real complaints either way. Simply a fun six woman tag on the card - all of them deserve it.

Trish Stratus & Lita VS Mickie James & Alicia Fox - My biggest disappointment of Evolution right here. For the record, I have Trish and Lita ranked as my number one and number two as BEST EVER female wrestlers. That is no small mention folks. Unfortunately, I wanted to see Trish vs. Alexa Bliss. Like, a lot. I loved that match announcement. Then it got changed to a tag match...and alright, fine. Whatever. Lita vs. Mickie one on one would have been good too. However, THEN Bliss was replaced with Fox due to injury. Ugh. This whole thing was snake bitten from the start. Too bad. My guess is Trish and Lita win and get a mini-comeback run going with the new Womens Tag Team Titles being introduced. Add some star power right off the bat to the new belts. Time will tell if Stephanie McMahon announces that Sunday night or waits.

Smackdown Womens Title - Becky Lynch VS Charlotte: Last Woman Standing - An argument could be made that this should close the show. Maybe it will. We won't know until that point arrives at about 9:30 pm on October 28th. Last Woman Standing should make this the feud ender and close out this chapter. For now. WWE can always go back to these two. Becky is on too much of a roll to lose now. This is one instance where I will be actively cheering for WWE to do the right thing here. Charlotte can always be resented as a top name before the Road to WrestleMania 35 begins. Give this victory to Ms. Lynch.

RAW Womens Title - Ronda Rousey VS Nikki Bella - By far the two most recognizable women on the WWE roster. I have zero issues with this being presented as the main event of the first ever all women's pay-per-view. That is the entire point. Take your two biggest names and put them against each other. The Bella heel turn was well done, as was the revenge promised by Rousey on Raw. Good stuff all around. Big fan of the story line and am intrigued to find out what they are capable of once the bell ring. No debate on the result though - Rousey wins to stand tall at the end of the show.

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