The X-Factor: Roman Reigns, Crown Jewel, and Evolution
Submitted by Victor Mariscal on 10/27/2018 at 09:35 PM

The haters wanted him to go away. I wanted them to get over their deep-seated resentment towards him. Be careful what you wish for.

I sat down to watch last Monday after what was a drama-filled day. Roman Reigns went to the ring, getting his usual reaction. He said his name is Joe. Right away I knew it was a shoot. Nothing could’ve prepared us for the rest of that sentence.

I felt like I’d been punched in the gut, me and millions of other fans.

I always supported Roman Reigns no matter how much hate and criticism he had to put up with. Why? What he dealt with was tantamount to bullying. I hate that, and I’ve been subjected to it. It’s wrong, and it always will be. Many of you wished he would go away because you couldn’t forgive him for the 2015 Royal Rumble. To you, he was the asshole who stole Daniel Bryan’s push. How many of you wished he suffered a career-ending injury, an illness, death even?

You’ve been too hard on him. That’s the truth.

You might’ve read Aleister Black’s story about him. If you haven’t, Black is a stickler for backstage etiquette, as he would make sure the locker rooms were kept clean for live events. Reigns would tell him he didn’t have to, that he earned his spot and he just had to bring it every time he was in the ring. No one has ever had a bad word about him, praising him as a locker room leader and all-around good guy.

Can Joe Anoa’i beat this. He can. He will.

Now for the other big story.

Not gonna lie, I’m interested in both world title bouts, and there’s Shawn Michaels’ return.

It would be so easy to condemn WWE for wanting to do Crown Jewel. We’re all looking at Vince as some old greedy bastard who’s very out of touch. John Cena is lucky enough to have so much pull that he can just back out. Daniel Bryan, his wife’s stepfather is John Laurinaitis, so there you go.

What if they wanted to go to Cuba with all the human rights violations they’ve done? The Fate of the Furious did some filming there. Just sayin’.

Yes, Vince wants to relaunch the XFL and that’s why he wants the money that bad. The TV deals aren’t enough for him apparently. I’m not trying to defend his choice but we all know it isn’t so cut and dry. There’s the obvious legal trouble he would invite. Cena and Bryan have the luxury of being able to back out, but are the rest of the superstars THAT concerned about their jobs that they won’t speak up? You just lost your biggest full-time star Vinnie. You can’t be firing anyone. Those superstars need to take a stand.

Shawn Michaels is wrestling again. Controversy or not, you can’t say with all honesty you’re not interested. Like I said, not so cut and dry.

Now for the final item.

The Evolution PPV, it is what it is. Triple H was likely pushing for it for years, and his father-in-law needed a way to deflect the bad press they were getting for the Saudi deal. Happy accident.

The Charlotte vs. Becky feud is easily the best thing the show has going for it. Perhaps it should end in Uniondale before it starts to go bad. The battle royal, I’ll get to that later. The NXT Women’s Championship match? Well, it’s the third show – that I know of – where an NXT title was defended on a WWE show. There’s not one but two matches on the card that Triple H has been building up, and I fear Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn will tear them down.

We’ve heard the rumors. An appearance by AJ Lee would win the award for “Most shocking moment of 2018”. There’s the matter of her husband who, let’s be honest, is too proud for his own good. It all hinges on CM Punk. We’ll see.

Let’s call the battle royal what it is: a double-edged sword. WWE was promoting two shows at once and Evolution drew the short straw. They want to feature as many ladies on the card as they can. It’s lazy, but it works.

Here’s where I’ll close. There’s a disturbing trend of hypocrisy and double standards among the smart fans. Lita and Trish Stratus are revered so much they’re practically the Stone Cold and The Rock among women’s wrestlers. Yet, just like Nikki and Brie, they were branded as Divas. Think about the matches the women were partaking in even after the Attitude Era: Bra and Panties, Evening Gown, and Lingerie Pillow fights. Funny how they never get brought up when talking about Trish and Lita.

The word ‘Diva’ is a bad word and the Bellas take all the blame for the nosedive women’s wrestling took. So, it was all their fault? They made the matches shorter? They told the ladies to wrestle a certain way? Was it Brie and Nikki who said that Kelly Kelly had to “find her tits”?

Kevin Dunn has been raked over the coals – and rightfully so – over his misogyny, but those same people resort to bullying and slut-shaming towards the women. You’re happy to call Nikki a slut who slept with John Cena to get what she has. Nikki broke her neck in this biz.

I’ve brought this up several times. Triple H wouldn’t have anywhere near the backstage power he enjoys now if he didn’t start banging the bosses daughter. Stephanie has made us suffer for years because she’s a McMahon. Go talk to them about nepotism.

Why is Ronda Rousey having a fabulous year? She’s friends with Triple H and the wifey.

Evolution could be great, or it won’t.

Don’t mess with the X.

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