Remember When it Was Fun?
Submitted by LoneLee on 10/27/2018 at 12:09 PM

It has been a brutal week to be a wrestling fan. Simply brutal. Everywhere you turn, be it on social media or an actual event, no one can seem to escape the shroud of negativity ending October. In a weekís time weíve been highly critical of the less-than-stellar hype in final week leading up to WWE Evolution. A lot of us have collectively thrown up our arms in disgust at the controversial decision surrounding the Crown Jewel PPV. If youíre a Cody Rhodes fan like me then we witnessed the end of a dream come true. And lastly, on a more serious note, weíve learned that Roman Reigns will begin the most challenging fight of his lifeÖ

I guess what Iím trying to ask is remember when wrestling used to be unconditionally fun? If youíre reading my little article at this moment then at some point in your life, just like me, there was a moment in time when professional wrestling or sports entertainment, whatever you want to call it, spoke to you. It brought you in and never let you go, no matter how frustrating the product became. Larger than life personalities with physiques to match screamed their faces red about how theyíd topple their cartoonish heel foe. We didnít question validity of a performers words or scrutinize actions of a promotion. We didnít know Ultimate Warrior was difficult to work with or others politicked to remain in a prominent spot. We plainly watched religiously because it entertained us.

I wrote a few weeks ago about suspension in disbelief being a lost art in regard to storylines and gimmicks. Has it also become a lost art to forget that we know too much? What I love most about the wrestling community is our unique fandom. Wrestling fans come from all walks of life, all age groups, from every part of the world. We can be the most laid back at conventions, explode with energy at live events, and unmercifully critical on the internet. What sets us apart from anyone else is our spectacle is presented to us as reality based, even though weíve known better than that for decades. Itís a sport, but itís not. Itís a scripted circus, a non-stop traveling enterprise. ďYou know itís fake, right?Ē ďYes. So is The Walking Dead but that doesnít stop people from loving it to the ends of the earth.Ē

The sad thing is with all the advantages of what we know about the business, a lot of us take it for granted. Rather than appreciate the commitment and risk a lot of performers undertake, we downplay their achievements and condemn the controlling company for not utilizing them properly. Personal, unmitigated attacks arenít amusing and shouldnít prove gratifying. This isnít the 1970s and kayfabe has been dead in that respect. Make it known that they do all of this for us and for the timeless art of professional wrestling. Any of them could find a safer means to make a leaving, some with college degrees and others with outside business ventures. No, they do this because they love it, and we love them for it in return.
While I wonít be watching Evolution or Crown Jewel live (as itís difficult for me to sit still for 3+ hours or have that much consecutive free time) I will be watching bits and pieces later in the day because I love wrestling. I admire my favorite superstars and continue to give chances to others. Since Iím not Dave Zahadi and canít produce a WWE Desire type video to express my extol, Iíve provided a link to a meme Tweet that describes it better than I ever could.

Lastly, I just want to say Iíve spent the last 2 years ripping apart Roman Reigns. But heís always had a way at tugging at my emotions. Nearly retiring the Undertaker and constantly being in a featured spot on the card. A testament to his polarizing character. As crazy as it sounds I think heíd hate it if everyone suddenly became his fans over his tragedy. Needless to say, Iím pulling for you Mr. Anoaíi. I canít say Iíll cheer you when you come back but itíll be awfully hard to boo.
Win. You can, and you will.
- Dude McIntyre (@IAmTheDude316)

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