THS: Why you shouldn't watch WWE Crown Jewel
Submitted by The High Spot on 10/25/2018 at 01:20 PM

By J.D. Bachman

In 2017, the government of Saudi Arabia carried out 146 public beheadings. The most recent figures for this year, have 48 public beheadings as of April 2018. This is on pace for well over 100 before the year ends. The Saudi government issues death sentences for such offenses as adultery, witchcraft, sorcery, and drug trafficking. Murder is on this list as well, however, if the murderer is able to pay the victim's family, and they accept -- said murderer will not be executed. (Known as Diya in Islamic law - AKA "Blood Money")

These beheadings and executions, (sometimes by firing squad) take place at Deera Square, otherwise known as the "Chop Chop Square", located in Riyadh.

WWE Crown Jewel will take place from King Saud University, also in Riyadh, a mere 11 miles away.

Let's maintain perspective...

When WWE Superstars are in a wrestling ring in a Riyadh stadium on Nov. 2, they will be in action 20 minutes away from the site of continued ghastly public executions at the hands of a government which has been under fire for human rights violations for decades.

There simply isn't much else to say. Vince McMahon has often put profit before people, and this is no exception.

So if you do watch next Friday, just keep this article in mind, and know that literally hundreds and even thousands of lives were brutally taken just a mere 20 minutes away from your favorite WWE superstars competing inside a greed-laced squared circle, and you are partaking in what is nothing more than a propaganda campaign on behalf of a corrupt government, that the WWE has decided to join.

Because money, of course...

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