An Unpopular Opinion But... #5
Submitted by Tom O'Hare on 10/21/2018 at 03:02 PM

Bray Wyatt being off television is the best thing that could’ve happened to him.

Allow me to elaborate on the above point in this week’s instalment of “An Unpopular Opinion But”.

Bray Wyatt, on the face of it, is one of the more captivating characters in the WWE & thus should be treated as such. His entrance alone is one of the many unique traits he possesses that should allow him to stand head & shoulders above his peers when it comes to his standing in the industry. Unfortunately this hasn’t been the case for the longest time & the Eater of Worlds has become, like many others, just another face on an already bloated roster.

The fact that the former leader of the Wyatt family is one of the few individuals in the company whose character work comes first (rather than their in ring work) is what should set him apart from those around him. The promos, the eeriness, the mystique of Bray Wyatt should really have seen much more progression up the card than it has done since his debut to the main roster in 2013.

I therefore make the argument that his absence from television is actually a positive rather than a negative & will, I hope, allow him to finally engage in many a storyline & feud that we as viewers can really sink our teeth into.

It has often been said that Bray is, to a degree, the second coming of the Undertaker. By that of course I am not trying to imply he will have anywhere near the same success that the Deadman has had but rather that their gimmicks are similar in presentation, with the potential of Wyatt having the same longevity that the Phenom has had during his WWE tenure. This then brings me back to the original point; Time away from our screens can do the world of good for Bray Wyatt in much the same manner it repeatedly has for the Undertaker over the years. This of course is largely down to Mark Calaway’s ability to evolve the Undertaker character time & time again, something which Windham Rotunda (the birth name of Bray Wyatt) has failed to do thus far (with his case not being helped by the WWE brass of course).

Our most recent memories of Wyatt on screen was his partnership with the WONDERFULLY “Woken” Matt Hardy. A breath of fresh air for Bray, I believe this short lived alliance with Hardy was actually the most meaningful on screen time he had received in the 5 years since his arrival (Which speaks volumes as to how impactful his time on screen has been).

A common expression is that “absence makes the heart grow fonder” and to no superstar in WWE is this more relevant than to Bray Wyatt right now. The longer he stays off screen the more people will long yearn for his return, thus making it far more impactful.

A new purpose, a new beginning, a new leash on life, a new direction, a new Bray Wyatt.

My name is Tom O’Hare & this has been my unpopular opinion. Thank you for reading.

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