Wrestle Review: The Weak That Was
Submitted by Andy Sullivan on 10/20/2018 at 02:49 PM

Smackdown 1,000 had its moments. Becky Lynch eviscerating Edge on The Cutting Edge was good stuff. She's so over that the crowd booed Edge. They booed Edge! Becky has that Stone Cold vibe. I think WWE knows it. I would hope so, at least.

I really wanted some major returns. Yes, Evolution made an appearance. And I believe they started the slow build to Batista vs. Triple H at WrestleMania. I just knew Orton would RKO someone in that segment. Alas, it didn't happen. The Big Show returning and turning heel for, ironically, the 1,000th time(well, maybe not that many) to help the Bar regain the tag titles was surprising. Is Big Show going to be The Bar's bodyguard? They don't need one which is exactly the reason they should go that route. Big Show the bodyguard is money. Well, as much money as he can draw these days.

I've heard some had an issue with Undertaker appearing on Smackdown 1,000 to cut a promo about the Raw match at Crown Jewel against DX. I had no issue with it. I love that Rey Mysterio has returned! I knew his match with Nakamura was going to be good. It is interesting/puzzling that every member of WWE's "World" Cup is from America. Perhaps that was exactly the tongue-in-cheek thing Vince was going for. Who knows?

The Evolution pay-per-view is in 8 days. It's nice that WWE at least devoted a little bit of tv time to promote the show. USA will have a Road To Evolution show Monday after Raw. So far there are 5 matches set for Evolution. I hear Ric Flair will have a role. Makes sense, seeing as though his daughter had a big title match with Becky Lynch. I'm looking forward to seeing how this show turns out.

Is Austin Aries done? I'm not just talking about being done with Impact Wrestling. Who's going to want to touch this guy after he basically blew his top after losing the championship to Johnny Impact. He blew up at booker/commentator Don Callis. His last twitter action was retweeting Impact's BFG promotion tweet 6 days ago. If this is a work, it's masterful. I'm saying it's legit, though.

A few more notes on Impact:

* What is going on with Allie? She's in the midst of a heel turn, right? She's doing that thing a wrestler does when they lose their mind a minute, attack, come to their senses and show remorse. When Rosemary finally does return, I'm betting she and Allie are going to be a heel team.

* Impact is moving to 10 pm this week. That can't be a good thing. I ran a poll on twitter asking if Impact moving to a later time was a good thing, bad thing, I DVR/doesn't matter. 50% said moving to a later slot was a bad thing. I'm in that camp. I don't think it'll be long before Impact Wrestling is, once again, looking for a new home. Or worse!

*Does a 10 pm timeslot mean Impact can get a little more rowdy? And finally

* If Pop cancels Impact, where do they go? They've already been on a few other "Who" networks. The big shots won't touch this company. With Fox Sports getting WWE next year, they're obviously out, I don't see anyone else clamoring to get this promotion. What about the talent if the company does eventually go under? Keep in mind that some of these individuals are WWE throwaways( champion Johnny Impact is exhibit A). I'm going to say most would head to the Indies. But I'm looking way down the road to something that might not even happen-and I hope doesn't. They could go to New Japan, ROH or Lucha.

What, if anything, happens this week as far as Evolution promotion is anyone's guess. Crown Jewel is coming up as well. That's the one they seem to be pushing most even though Evolution is the much more stable event-for obvious reasons. No political upheaval revolving around that one. I'd say they probably talk more about Jewel rather than Evolution, which sucks.

Before I go, I always like to talk about my friends' new ventures. My friend Sheena is an avid wrestling fan. How avid? Chick Foley is also her Instagram name. Go on iTunes and subscribe for some prime entertainment.

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